Dexter Does Austin


Austin, the cheeky chappie, is in trouble again, this time with Dexter. In this themed episode the hapless lad is reporting for his continued bad behaviour and the form master is in no mood for compromise with his punishment. Austin keeps up his insolent attitude to the end but that is in fact is where the master will start.


Raising the boy high on his knee a spanking begins



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Soon after that he’s down over the master knee, his bare bottom jutting perfectly out.


Now a session of stinging slaps heralds the next stage, a good dose of form master Dexter’s strap. Austin’s bravado has been breeched and that end of him too is now feeling the full force of discipline.





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Title 2257

By Bruce

6 thoughts on “Dexter Does Austin”
  1. The title is enough to entice any Sting fan! Always a pleasure to see Dexter in a video as he is a perfect foil for any errand knave. May I kindly request that Austin be the next candidate for the birching block? (I’d also love to see him in a bowtie and suspenders.)

  2. Haha! Poor old Austin! I can’t help thinking that the knee must be starting to feel like a second home to him! Considering the number of times he is laid over it! And a good thing too! For me it is, as Tom from Spanking Straight Boys recently observed, the best position for a spanking! It says very clearly to a naughty boy who thinks he’s too old to get his bottom smacked: “You are still young enough for this, my lad!” Young enough especially for the embarrassment and humiliation it arouses as a lad lays submissively, trying to support himself, with his eyes fixed firmly on the view of the floor!To say nothing of the heightened sense of vulnerability And with those youthful and impish looks and that very pert and cheeky booty of his, carved by the gods of Spankers’ Heaven to be smacked, I reckon that various spankers’ knees are going to be wearing grooves in his slender torso for some time to come! At least that’s my hope – that one of these fine days he doesn’t suddenly find himself laying submissively across the knee and think “What the f*@k am I doing here?!”

    There’s nothing stoical about the way Austin receives corporal punishment – when the smacks hurt his bottom he lets us know it! As of course the other lads tend to – I particularly enjoy hearing Robin’s yelps of “OW! OW!” Austin’s vocal expressions of pain have an altogether different and more animal quality to them which makes him quite a contrast to the other boys whose buttocks so beautifully and excitingly grace our computer screens at the moment!

    The translucent white nylon football shorts on this occasion give us a finger-itching foretaste of bluer things to come as they stretch over his bum when he bends over Dexter’s knee! Austin’s choice of spankingwear is impeccable! I wonder if he chooses his punishment underpants on purpose (I know one or two of my naughty boys do that) or if he simply takes the first pair out of his pants-drawer that he comes to? He has the knack of always selecting a great coloured pair of knix and they are always just exactly the right length to give his perky little bottom a sexy framing for punishment! I am always sorry when the lad’s briefs come down as he always looks so utterly, totally, beautifully SPANKABLE in them!!

    The spanking concludes with a very traditional thrashing of Austin’s very bare bottom with the time-honoured leather belt, an implement whose use for discipline is traceable back for centuries! Used on young Austin’s naked buttocks it shows itself as still being a very effective Weapon of Ass Destruction! Anyone, of course, who has felt the lick of it across his own bottom will know that I need comment no further on the efficacy of the deep and burning smarting it produces when properly laid on!!

    This little monkey seems to get cheekier, more naughty-looking and more spankable every time I see him! He has in fact, a natural aura of naughtiness that just radiates from his cheeky face and seems to shriek aloud to the supremest realms of Spankers’ Heaven “SMACK MY BOTTOM!” I never tire of watching him getting his booty smacked until it is red, and I always find it interesting to observe the change in his demeanour as after punishment, he serves well-deserved corner-time, rubbing his stinging backside and grimacing as he accidentally reignites the pain! Watch him, oh ye bleeding-heart softy do-gooders of the no-smacking brigade – and try and tell me that a good spanking doesn’t work!!

  3. This was really sexy and hot both Dexter an Austin look great Austin looks amazing just lying across Dexter’s knee a simple good spanking clip and although Austin’s bottom doesn’t colour up much Dexter did give him a good spanking oh and the perched OTK at the start was really hot with those famous white silky shorts.

    I agree with @hisroyalheinie it’s always pleasurable seeing Dexter return!!

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