Two lad sit in the Headmasters study awaiting his arrival. Ryan Taylor (new StingLad Austin Cook) and his friend (Evan Novak) who spends most of his time leading Ryan astray. They are again both in big trouble and this prearranged meeting is not going to be easy.

The long wait is getting the better of them and they decide to rummage around to see what’s inside the Headmaster’s desk. A very big mistake, these two just don’t know when to stop.

The Headmaster arrives and catches them of course, now its time for a reckoning. Their behaviour must be checked and checked now!


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Both these cheeky boys can expect to get a good spanking. For Ryan this will be the very first time but because of his close and unwise association with his wayward buddy he can expect no more.















To make matters worse, their punishment has only begun ….



By Bruce

5 thoughts on “Dilemma Down Under (Part 1 of 2)”
  1. Marco is excellent as usual but the real reason to buy this video is Rob’s cameo in the quite wonderful coda that caps this video. Austin makes a sensational debut here and I can’t wait to see more of him, especially in period attire (perhaps in another installment of the birching block?), though I suspect he’ll fair equally well in modern scenes.

    1. @Michael Brown

      I am not in complete agreement with your comment I find the school/college based type of clips quite unexciting I feel like there’s only so much you can do with school-based films and Sting have made so many of them in the past that I feel we need not see them that often in fact every time I see a “traditional” school based clip I know already that the story and setting are not going to interest me the grey socks, shorts and those white briefs have never done it for me and although I’ve never said this before when it comes to such scenarios I try to ignore all of that and focus on the actual spanking action at hand and use my imagination doing my best to ignore the set-up however if the set-up is more to my taste let’s say domestic then my interest peaks. I actually became a fan of Sting’s clips not because of the school, college, borstal or historical settings but because of the quality and the spanking techniques they know how to admister hard spanking (within reason) so although Sting are known for all the above settings I’ve always preferred there modern scenes but If the setting isn’t right I normally am focused on the action and there have been some very good school/college based clips that have had some wonderful spanking action but I think it’s an era thing people of a certain age wanting to see this type of thing all the time to me it’s outdated to some degree however I’m open to certain school clips for instance getting spanked at school then at home having the domestic mixed in works for me however after it is 2019 spanking in my opinion can’t just be a ready salted pack of crips all the time eventually you’ll want some flavour at some point If considering the MM spanking market as of now it’s about trying new things and being more adventurous weather that be theme, stories positions etc. I am however curious to know what you mean when you say the action is “inept” in regards to the punishments as that could mean a vast amount of things so I’d be interested for you to elaborate further on that. I also haven’t found for me the scrips to be weak… Do you mean weak because there not school-based? Personally for me there are others things I haven’t enjoyed or choices I think could’ve been different but I don’t think the scrips are any worse/better then other spanking studios. I’ll also be interested to know what you meant by the punishments being “over the top” it’s sound like you’re comment is based more of personal preference then anything else. I think sometimes things being OTT can work but It depends on what one is referring too I’m not trying to disagree with your comment but Id like to know more as I found it a tad confusing.

      Ps. Another thing I wanted to say about the school based themes is I’d like to see different uniform something more tight fitting and not baggy it would make it more pleasant for me at least maybe black trousers instead of grey etc. 🤷‍♂️

  2. I have not purchased a number of Sting products recently due to inept punishments being applied and very weak scripts. However today I thought I would give this latest product Dilemma Down Under a try and what a delight it has been. Rob and Rich more like this as these type of films are what made Sting a success and have been cast aside of late.

    The new boy Austin is superb has a good physique a nice protruding bottom which took both a good spanking and a hard strapping. Evan is always a delight and again here takes quite a thrashing.

    The discipline administered was like the Sting of old sharp but not over the top. The cohesion of the discipline is disjointed with Evan taking a lot more of the strap than Austin but this I will overlook as the discipline this time round was as you would expect from Sting of old.

    My thanks to all and I hope part 2 is just as good.

  3. I agree with Michael that recent productions have not been as good as old and I particularly find the recent emphasis on American punishments and paddles frustrating. Sting have got back to what they do best in Dilemma Down Under with Rob making a welcome appearance at the end. He does not hold back on young Austin, a welcome new face who I hope we will see more of.
    More of these traditional school based scenarios please.

  4. Austin Cook – very nice boy with always smiling face. 🙂 Maybe you can try to make a clip with Austin and Robin Palmer (my favourite actor). I can image how they make each other laugh all the time and Marco brings them to order with solid belt.
    And I agree with Swanlad – more of traditional school based scenarios please. And also more European domestic discipline with belts, canes etc.

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