Science can be an interesting subject and delving in to experiments is always safely encouraged. However scientific discovery is by nature very experimental and things have to be kept safe! Boundaries are set and risk taking is is very much discouraged. 


Two senior students left to get on by themselves are more than willing to push the boundaries. One of them Kevin Gregg (Oscar Hart) is a very inquisitive type and quite ready to get a little more brave on his path of discovery. He should know better! His classmate Ronnie Donaldson (new StingLad Chase Anderson is much more cautious but in the end goes along with Kevin’s mad scheme.

Trying to get a hot air balloon to rise using propane gas instead of natural heat results in an explosion that blows out the classroom windows. Thankfully both lads had the sense to run for it before disaster struck but now face a new disaster standing together in the Headmasters office.

Fearing it will end the boys education the parents have allowed the school to deal with the situation as they see fit. No Police will be involved but the two lads are sent to the Deputy Head Mr Sharpe to be severely dealt with.

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Mr Sharpe knows how to administer a memorable punishment, just what is needed right now! Their grey shorts are order to be taken off. The two lads both receive a good long spankings on their bare bottoms.

The master however is only in the process of warming them up. After, as they stand facing the wall soothing their reddened and scorched backsides, they can see the leather strap being readied to do its painful work.

This is going to burn like the fire they caused but this time nobody is their to put out the flames.


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The burning lash of the leather strap cracks across the lads already red raw bottoms. The scorching bands of pain are impacting a message both boys are unlikely to forget.


The master knows how to find the spot and with this leather devil fully under his control seems to find the same one every time! 



he scolding licks burn furiously! Both boys will certainly need something soothing to put out the fire on their well whipped bottoms after this!





By Bruce

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