Discipline Down Under Bound To be Trouble.

So its back down under to see what the scallywag students are up to at St Justin’s. They’re up to no good of course and the payback starts when one lad tries to extract revenge on his friend for an early incident that had got him in to trouble.

Finding his mate having a quick smoke in the changing room, David (Richard Hicks) decides to play a game with him. Its to get him back so grabbing some rope he quietly approaches the boy. Gerry (New StingLad Nathan Russell) doesn’t suspect anything and thinks David is just fooling around. Having now secured him over the vaulting horse David reaches for the Housemaster’s cane. He wants to teach Garry a lesson.

However, before he can really start in walks his Housemaster.


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Now the tables are tuned, he’s in trouble again and that cane will used but in different and very able hands.















Gerry’s not going to get off so lightly either and will be returning the next day to explain the smell of cigarette smoke which the wily Housemaster having detected on arrival.



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