Discipline Down Under: Cheeky!

Part 2

The industrious headmaster, Mr Sharpe, continues to deal with the two naughty senior lads who have been ordered to report to him on account of their misbehaviour.


They have already been soundly caned, but Mr Sharpe has not finished with them yet.

Things are about to get even more uncomfortable for this naughty pair!


Such a demonstration of bad behaviour like this deserves a hard response and today, on top of the caning, both boys will be going over his knee for a spanking. This they’ll remember for sometime to come, Mr Sharpe will make sure of that!


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Cheeky young Greg Morrison continues to disobey The Headmaster’s order to face the wall.

So he gets extra!






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By Bruce

8 thoughts on “Discipline Downunder “Cheeky” Part 2 of 2 – plus Video Preview”
  1. This well-cast video was loaded with missed opportunities. With due respect, there are dozens more interesting positions than the routinier bend-over-and-touch-your-toes (which they never actually do) followed by an OTK session, and Marco is (by now) a far more interesting disciplinarian who can handle a range of options: the tawse or strap over the arm of a chair, the ruler or shoehorn over the edge of the desk, the cane or birch over the box — to name but a few! I enjoy these twink lads very much and would like to see them be scraped over the coals a bit more.

  2. I love this picture. I love how red Robin’s bottom looks yet he still smiles. Cute!


    @hisroyalheinie I think that OTK is the best position and I never get bored of it! There are ways to switch it up and change things now then like Luke Adams in the previous release. Rich had him in a exposing and embarrassing position OTK but given this setting and theme it might not have fitted. I can’t speak for other positions as my mind is limited when it comes to stuff I’m not into.

    Ps. I think that when it comes to this kind of fetish and definitely something I’ve learnt from watching numerous spanking clips and from my personal taste there could be a lot of “missed opportunities” as we all want to see different things or we see what could have been as a missed opportunity but each to there own.

  3. Luke, I am not quite sure you understood my criticism. We can argue “to each his own” all day long, and I am hardly asking for the boys to be tied up and dog-collared. It is because I have watched so many videos of the years, as you have, that I feel confident to share my thoughts and observations, whether or not they’re positive or negative. I appreciate Sting giving us this forum to do so, and I appreciate your feedback, as I am sure Sting’s producers do as well. Thanks.

  4. I’m not sure Sting always appreciate my “feedback” (I have a way with words sometimes) but I’m sure they do take what we say on board. I do love them though for creating some of the best spanking clips out there. When they do get it right they really do nail it… again that’s down to one’s taste. I understand for them it must be hard to please everybody. The good thing is Sting are more diverse now than ever. 😀


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