Discipline USA 12

Another student is visiting the Vice Principal, this time new StingLad Archie Hunt has got himself in to trouble for stealing mock exam papers. Its completely ruined the upcoming exams and the Vice Principal is furious about the disruption it has caused. In fact the lad also a college soccer player was trying to sell them to team members, which makes it even worse.

Some sharp discipline will be needed and it will start with a spanking.



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After the spanking, well, there is only one answer fore this sort of misbehaviour and that’s the wooden paddle. This time to be used on this disobedient young soccer player’s bare backside.










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By Bruce

2 thoughts on “Discipline USA 12”
  1. Two exciting debuts back-to-back! What a treat. While Spencer made a bigger splash, I’m still looking forward to seeing what Archie does next. Thank you for the much-needed entertainment!

  2. Archie is a total hunk! Use of the wooden paddle was awesome! Can’t wait for the video preview. Thanks Rich for all of your fine work! And all of your gorgeous hunks.

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