Discipline USA 19

It seems that Luke (Luke Geer) just can’t keep out of trouble. Despite being given several chances no warnings were taken seriously and now the lad must face the consequence. These the Principal (Marco) knows how to lay on very well!

Ordered to strip down to his underwear the boy firstly bends over a chair for a whipping with the switch.


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The switching is just the start, his stinging butt will now be subject to a good spanking! Luke supposedly tough and sulky on the inside is now burning and hot in the butt on the outside!

Discipline USA 19 stars Luke Geer





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Title 2257

By Bruce

10 thoughts on “Discipline USA 19”
  1. Luke has developed well. Handsome young man tremendous body and a super spankable bottom.
    Nice coloured pants, bare bottom tickled by Marco with the cane/switch. Well spanked though which seems to be the case now with Marco

  2. Luke has always been a good-looking lad. In his earlier videos his physique could be described as “coltish”. In this video his body has “filled out” a bit, more well-defined muscles than in the past – a nice recent development. If his responsse to his punishments were less stoic – i.e., he flinched and grimaced more, he squirmed and kicked more, he grunted and cursed and moaned louder – he would make a fine model.

  3. The ending of this video is perfect Marco really laid into Luke which was great I loved how the spanking became really intense and severe towards the end especially when Marco was really laying the point across. Luke took it like s man for sure!

    1. Hi Ethan

      It is very likely Luke will have earned himself another spanking soon, I will check if anything is scheduled


  4. Ouch that hurts ?
    I wish they start off like tight Levi Jean by a paddle
    Then hand then underwear and the best pare botttom from Idaho
    I wish I had some myself. I don’t feel anything wrong but now day people goto jail for it
    For sexual thing that what I’m afraid of

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