Next to get caught out is Heinz (new StingLad Oliver Morgenson) He’s been foolish enough to buy some illicit substances from another lad and is nabbed straight after.


The Principle installs in him the seriousness of the offence. The boy will have to be severely punished, time for the old well used paddle to be brought in to action again.


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The paddling is followed by a bare bottom spanking and will act as a good reminder in to how he is expected to behave in future!







The video preview can also be viewed at Spanking Tube


By Bruce

5 thoughts on “Discipline USA 3 (Part 2 of 2) plus Video Preview”
  1. Yet again another worth watching download from Sting with two new and good boys. Where oh where do sting find these boys from?

    The film starts with David Swanson being spanked across Dexters knee and is an excellent shot of a boy being spanked across old faded jeans which in this position show his bottom off well. It then progresses to spanking over briefs then bare. My only criticism is Dexter when using the strap on the bare bottom should have aimed some strokes across both the middle of the bottom and a bit lower.

    Oliver Morgehson is then given a good paddling by Marco but I do wish Marco would make the boys bend over properly. This is followed by a bare bottom spanking which is well administered.

    Both boys like most of the new lads have very spankable bottoms and their thrashings well.

    Well worth buying.

    1. Thanks Michael, I am glad you enjoyed it!

      Finding new faces is a challege, and is becoming more so as there are now so many studios operating in Prague. Hence, Sting are casting their nets a little wider

  2. Thanks for the info re models. I hope we shall still be seeing the likes of Robin, Axel,& Jaydee etc. it would also be nice to see Johannes Lars, Jirka Mendez, Adam Black and Paul Wolfe make a return. All are just made for discipline across their bottoms!!!


  3. Yes Johannes Lars and Adam Black must make a return especially Adam Black!! 😜 Both have great bottoms and both can take a good spanking!!

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