When Harris (Robin Palmer) sneaks down to the college boiler room for a quick smoke he is soon discovered and sent directly to the Principals office.


The Principal (Marco) is never one to treat this type of offence easily. The boy should be in class, that alone is bad enough.


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Its time to apply some disciplinary measures, needed quite often, to keep the wayward lads in his college in their place. Harris will take a paddling right down to his bare butt.






After the paddle an over the knee spanking, again on his bare bottom, will be well laid on!







By Bruce

7 thoughts on “Discipline USA 4”
  1. This may be a short video but there seems to be that certain “extra” quality that gives it an edge. It isn’t merely Robin and Marco’s excellent performances: The filming and editing was done with great care. For example, the montage of Robin’s mischief is as artistic as it is humorous; the wide (full-body) shots are seamlessly incorporated with the close-ups; moreover, there is a sense of the space as another “character” in the storytelling that is not always present in these “modern” stagings. Sting’s normal “zero” setting is, of course, above-average, so these aspects may be unnoticeable or totally unimportant to most viewers. That’s why I wanted to give the behind-the-scenes team a proper thank you. (Perhaps it is the new studio?) It certainly makes a difference for me. Bravo!

    1. Hi HRH, that is a great comment, the Sting team have asked me to pass on their thanks and say how pleased they are you enjoyed this download

  2. Having purchased this download I would like to fully concur with HRH that this is truly a great delight to watch.
    Young Robin is superb and as usual is properly disciplined by Marco. No pulling out of the strokes smacked onto Robins lovely bottom here – unlike some of the films where Marco holds back with the instrument of discipline. I do sincerely hope Robins fee always reflects his top rate performances. We are treated to some great close up shots of the paddle being used and the shots when he is hand spanked are mouth watering.
    Now the Sting new studio is up and running can I request an old fashion school scene featuring Robin and Oliver Morgenson, Jamie Hunter and Andy Easton who are 3 other boys who look the part and can take good spankings.

  3. I totally agree with the first two comments. Superb scene! Always enjoy Marco and Robin… I purchased today.

  4. I hope to see Robin again paired with for example Axel Green or Alessandro Katz. I also wish Robin gets caned and counting his strokes loudly.

  5. I must pile onto the praise as well – wonderful film. May I also suggest if you enjoyed this film COUNTING THE DAYS and WATCH IT were also wonderful. I love a film where the guys are punished for something that feels more “real” like smoking or watching porn, sexting, bullying etc. I must admit the young men being punished (with the exception of Robin and Travis) only rarely react enough for my liking. I love to see them squirm and hear their yelps. Too stoic for me. I also would like to add – although I am a MAJOR fan of the white briefs – in these modern story lines baggy plaid boxers would be more in keeping with the story lines – and please please please – wash their young mouths out with soap once in awhile. I have been waiting for a good mouth-soaping/wooden spoon spanking for using foul language or taking the Lords name in vain FOREVER. As always thank you for your wonderful actors and productions.

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