Discipline USA 7


A strict diet in training is essential for any team. So when a key player is found sneaking away in the changing rooms, gorging on doughnuts, the coach isn’t a happy man.


The coach (James Holt) decides its time to re train his top boy (Rick Palmer) before he loses his level of fitness required to head a winning team.

教练(James Holt)决定在他的主力队员(Rick Palmer)失去足以率领冠军团队的好身材之前重新训练他。

Nothing better than re starting at the bottom and to that end he administers a good hand spanking



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Warning this content is more severe than most Sting releases





The Spanking continues right down to the lads bare bottom. This of course is just phase one.






Phase two will involve the old wooden persuader, kept ready for just such an occasion. This well used and holed paddle is a real stinger! If this young player decides on a feast of fatty doughnuts again the pain in his butt will be a stinging reminder. Choose your calories carefully and the coach won’t get riled!

第二阶段,教练取出了一柄传统的木制教具,它正是为这种场合准备的。这柄被频繁使用的打孔木板非常的痛! 如果这名年轻运动员企图再偷吃高热量的甜甜圈,他屁股上的刺痛将提醒他,后果很严重。谨慎选择你的饮食,教练才不会生气!








Rick Palmer plays the top boy




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