Discipline USA 8

Another unruly senior knocks on the Principal’s door. This time its Duane (new StingLad Enzo Novotny) He’s got himself in to trouble in class and now has to answer for his poor behaviour. It isn’t the first time so its likely the Principal, in his usual way, is going stop this nonsense in its tracks.


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Duane is ordered to place the chair in position, his re education will start with a good spanking! As he assumes the position after, out comes the flat leather strap.






Now his well reddened and stinging bare bottom will get a sound leather strapping. This senior had better now review his behaviour otherwise a return and more severe visit will always be on the cards.







Introducing Enzo Novotny




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Title 2257



By Bruce

2 thoughts on “Discipline USA 8”
  1. This is a promising debut! Enzo doesn’t seem like he has to act very hard at being naughty! I also happen to like his hairy bum. He’d make a nice addition to “No Police” or any series with a modern setting.

  2. Think you are too big for your boots or your bottom’s too hairy or you are too old for a spanking .Think again there is never too old to be turned over a lap for a bare bottom spanking.Love those sweat pants and undies Duane is wearing.Sweat pants so easy to pull down anywhere you can spank any young man on the spot anywhere if needed.I just love sweat pants

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