Doubled Up Down Under

Two senior students, Walker (Rudi Vallance) and Harper (Adam Ashton)
have been caught yet again with booze in their dormitory. Undeterred by
their last warning this hapless pair decided rather foolishly to
challenge the college rules a second time.

This is something the
Headmaster cannot possibly continue to allow and has called on their
Housemaster Mr Heidrick (Dexter) to offer some assistance in a session
of much needed discipline.

Called to their classroom the Headmaster asks Mr Heidrick to lay on a
spanking these boys will not forget, this to be followed by a good
canning on their bare bottoms. He is of course very pleased to comply
with the request.

First to receive his spanking is Walker. This athletic and muscular
young Ruby player is not too happy at having to go across the knee of
the youthful Mr Heidrick

He’s even less happy when his backside is bared and the Housemaster’s
firm hand is continues cracking down on to his rounded and reddening

Walker is ordered to stand up and Harper takes his place

He too receives a sound spanking. Both boys think they are too old for
this but it won’t deter Mr Heidrick from making sure they both go to bed
later with scorched and burning bottoms!

As the​ boys take
their punishment or stand facing the wall their thoughts are trained to
the question of is that it? Are they going to escape with just a

They couldn’t be more wrong! Mr Heidrick is already swishing a crook
handled rattan cane through the air to test its pliability! Both boys
are ordered to bend over side by side.

The painful bare bottom caning to come will leave both lads with very
sore raised red welts as the wicked rattan cuts its raw message home.You
can buck the system some of the time but in the end its wins!

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By Bruce

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