The excellent Dr Richard Barton, who gave the likes of Barry, and Brett such memorable and well deserved thrashings in previous Sting Pictures, stars as “The Headmaster” in a 2010 release staring Rusty, Sebastian and Rowan Hunter as the school boys in need of some strict discipline!!



The Headmaster of Halistone college (Dr Richard Barton) has years of experience in ruling the roost. Sometimes surprising then that the students still challenge his authority often leading to the inevitable confrontation.

Simon Philips (Rusty) a sixth former knows he needs to get good results in his mid term exams but he just hasn’t done the work! A quick glance at his friend’s paper might just get him the answers he needs. Unfortunately the watchful eye of the adjudicating master never fails to spot a cheat and Simon is quickly shipped off to see the Headmaster.

On the Rugby pitch things are not to calm either when team rivals but good friends Paul Hennessey (Sebastian) and David Colby (Rowan Hunter) decide to battle it out back in the changing rooms. On hearing the rumpus the passing deputy head is not too pleased at the boorish behaviour and packs the two warring lads off the see Dr Barton.

Needless to say in this continuing episode of college day life the Headmaster certainly hasn’t forgotten how to wield the slipper and cane not to mention laying on a good spanking. The thwipp of the cane and crack of a well used slipper leave the lads with a burning desire to behave better in future!




2 thoughts on “Dr. Barton in “The Headmaster””
  1. I have to say I much prefer an older man like this Headmaster doing the spanking. Boys spanking other boys really doesn’t work for me. I need that older male authority figure dealing in traditional fashion with a naughty bare bottom, especially turned up on his lap. I also like it when the pants have perhaps been taken down no further than the bad boy’s knees, making the bottom more delightfully conspicuous in its bareness.

    I’ve noticed a great many of the naughty boys have taller, more slender builds, typically depriving their bottoms of the plumpness I find more satisfying to look at. I just find a smooth, rounder, more jiggly bottom more fun to see being warmed and reddened.

    I know I’m fussy, but I’ve practically got spanking in my DNA. I do want to say I appreciate the ‘spanking language’ that’s used here, particularly with reference to “bare bottoms.” It really does make a positive difference. 🙂

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