Drawn to Trouble

A lot of fans have asked to see new model Austin Cook as a typical senior school boy in trouble. Sting hope this latest clip will go some way to achieving that.

Continuing our October back to college theme, naughty Austin thinks it would be funny to draw obscene artwork in the college lavatories. Funny that is until he is caught, now he will be marched off to the Heads study to answer for his actions.

He still remains defiantly insolent and cheeky until he finds himself bending over for a good strapping


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The strapping is swiftly followed of course by a spanking over the Headmasters knee!



This young would be artist will end up with the sore bare bottom he deserves!!




Austin Cook as the graffiti artist

By Bruce

20 thoughts on “Drawn to Trouble”
  1. Dear Sting friends: I am, as you know, an enthusiastic supporter of Austin and was probably one of the first pesky voices that begged for a schoolboy-themed video. Despite the excellent beginning with a fantastic scenario, I must say I am a bit disappointed and I hope you will understand why. Touching your knees is not the same thing as touching your toes. It’s a simple fact and this lack of truly submissive bending over is not only lazy but is hardly enticing. There are a half-dozen other more exciting options (over the desk, over the chair, over an ottoman, crouching down, on knees, over the block, etc. etc. etc.). And why do the boys have to take their pants all the way off? Why can’t we see some pants and underwear around the ankles? If I’m the only one who thinks this is silly and absurd then I’ll be quiet. I try to leave positive and encouraging comments and I’m sorry if this isn’t one of them.

    1. No need to apologise HRH, as you say, your comments are usually helpful and constructive. Sting try various different things, and it is never possible to please everyone (examples being some people love socks, others love bare feet, and we have the relatively new conflict between those who love coloured pants and those who love “tightie whiteys” – and those who prefer bare bottoms from the start)

      With regard to the pants round the ankles, you may recall that  both Eric and David had their pants round their ankles in the last release https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-s1ZIfnQ3cR0/XZzN5fqQAVI/AAAAAAABU6A/391EP7H0IP471wObczLEhpvAYrF72sPBwCNcBGAsYHQ/s1600/ATS2+%287%29.JPG.

      Also touching ones toes is really not such an easy thing to achieve in 2019, although it was something which was common in gym (PT) classes in the 50’s but it is not so common today, so not all modern youths can do it as easily as their grandfathers could have.

      In fact we have found that quite a few very fit and sporty young models in 2019, actually can’t touch their toes!!  I don’t know if Austin is one, but, most likely, he would not find it as easy as a lad who left school in 1969 would have!!

  2. Bruce, here is a sentence from your last posting:

    “In fact we have found that quite a few very fit and sporty young models in 2019, actually can’t touch their toes!!”

    Why would that be, assuming the model is not overweight and out of shape?

    1. Hi Rasputin
      It is quite strange, and I suspect that it is down to the types of physical exercise youngsters are taught to do these days, which do not tend to include the traditional stretching and toe touching exercises common for previous generations. It is often guys who are in great shape and who work out regularly who can’t touch their toes. Probably because they have concentrated on upper body strength and leg muscles rather than flexibility.

      Of course some of them can, here is Ivan Sabado in “Teachers Pests Revenge” https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-ClxAoEfjsmY/WuzSuXrEFCI/AAAAAAABJrE/M3kYfas9RkcuFIn—zNG5W8JMPYUbfZgCEwYBhgL/s1600/04.JPG

      However, many others who can lift weights, do 100 press ups, and run a mile without breaking sweat still can’t bend over that far.

  3. Oh well I guess you can’t win!! People ask for a school setting and you get it and now it’s not right… You want it this way or that way have you thought perhaps the guys don’t want to touch there toes because they’d rather not have a head rush and in school (not that I would have experienced that as I’m a lot younger than some of you) would it not be a few quick strokes with the cane Sting models are bent over for a longer period I mean the last thing Sting would want is a model passing out from toe touching the thought makes me dizzy.

    Oh and we as humans are full of thoughts that conveys the truth you expect that a big hunky guy could take a spanking really well but as it turns out the small guys sometimes can take it a lot harder and don’t kick up a fuss so I totally can see the logic that a healthy fit person couldn’t touch there toes but I have seen overweight people touch there toes… I know crazy but it’s the truth and looks are deceiving aren’t they just!!

    1. Thanks LK

      I approved your comment for the sake of fairness, and because you make a good point about the difficulty of bending so far for protracted periods.

      However, I would be grateful if all commentators avoid being argumentative.


    2. LK, here’s the bottom line: I purchased this video, show regular support for Sting, and voiced a specific criticism in what I hope was an articulate and kind way, as I am entitled to do so. I am 37 so I am a lot younger than a lot of the guys here, too. That doesn’t mean I don’t have opinions. For the record, everyone, I didn’t say he SHOULD touch his toes, i said if he can’t then they should put him elsewhere. And I believe it’s a worthwhile opinion!

  4. We all have our likes and dislikes, (for instance I really love seeing the model’s buttholes)Not ever video shows this, but some do. Sting have such a vast number of videos, you are bound to find some videos that get ever thing exactly right sooner of later.

    Let me just a moment to thank the people behind Sting for producing so many excellent videos over the years and for always listening to your customers

    1. I agree with this 100% each to there own theirs so many clips old/new that there will always be something for everyone and I suspect Sting will make the models touch there toes in time so others will have that to look forward to as I will look forward to content that suits my younger age of 37 years! 🙂

  5. This is another excellent download with the delightful Austin Cook.
    I do concur with the comments of HRH about bending over and touching toes but find the shots of Austin being strapped across those great blue briefs and bare bottom quite uplifting – how I often wish I could swop places with Marco and co.
    Austins bottom like Robin is a real turn on to me and he was this time both strapped and spanked hard.
    Again may I say how I woud love to see him bending over with Robin and Andy in the same school scene and if all 3 did so together what a treat that woud be.
    I would also like to say to HRH I fully agree that people like him and me who have been loyal Sting product buyers should be able to comment freely on issues etc. Personally I have been purchasing Sting productions since the days of VCR productions. Shows my age I expect!!
    Thank you to Austin and Marco and the Sting team for the production.
    Michael Brown

  6. I agree with Thomas. Should we be so lucky that Sting continually bring such delights as Austin for our perusal. There is no way that as the saying goes ” you can not please everybody all of the time”. Nothing wrong with expressing an opinion but it is just your opinion. Well done Sting for another superb production to the usual high standard that we have been accustomed to.

  7. The discussion is so heated, while I couldn’t make any constructive comments at all. I’m just keen to Marco…
    Anyway, glad to see Marco again after half a month !

  8. I not too concerned with the bending over part ,as long as he is spanked over a lap..At least Marco has had a go at his bare bottom.I just hope Johan volny is next in line to spank Austin’s bare bottom and upper thighs>Johan certainly knows how to give a hand spanking on a bare bottom and I am sure it must hurt like hell because he does not give love taps..

  9. @Histroyalheinie you mention why do boys have to take their pants and undies all the way off. I think one of the main reasons is safety. if those pants are around your ankles it’s not so easy to move around and you can trip and fall as well. Two teen boys I knew years ago had to remove their
    undies and pants plus their shoes for a spanking over a lap.

  10. I know I’m making this comment rather late in the day, but I hope it will still be a useful one. I just LOVE this clip! Partly because I so love a naughty schoolboy scenario and young Austin is so perfect for it! And because of the sheer ecstasy of watching a young lad with such a spankable bottom being well and truly spanked!

    Austin just radiates cheekiness and attitude, which is endearing up to a point but he very quickly gets you thinking that he seriously needs it smacked out of him! And Marco knows exactly how to do that, taking the strap to Austin’s cheeky little arse with all his customary vim and vigour before laying him bare-bottomed over his knee to finish off a very strict punishment! The grimacing and those rather strangled sounds that escape the boy while he is being disciplined leave us in no doubt that the punishment is doing everything it is intended to! As ever, he looks great in his tight, bright light-blue briefs as he bends over to receive the underpants phase of the walloping he’s having mercilessly laid on, and his firm, tender young buttocks colour up nicely under Marco’s not-so-tender ministrations! A truly awesome punishment and one that has clearly taken its effect! He looks close to tears there as he nurses his smarting bottom after being laid over Marco’s knee and dealt with swiftly and severely!

    I want to just mention a couple of points in connection with one or two things that have been discussed above. First, though a lad looks great bending over and touching his toes, I can say from extensive personal experience that it is a very difficult position to maintain, especially if you are being thrashed hard with a cane, strap or slipper – even if you are young and more supple like young Andy. The Sting lads take some pretty intense punishment which I doubt they’d manage in the toe-touching position, as much of a turn-on as that is!

    Secondly, I am a proud warrior on the coloured pants side of the coloured underpants / tighty-whities question, which is why there are a couple of sites that feature on Jock Spank that I never bother with. If Sting’s naughty schoolboy scenarios needed any single improvement, they have certainly made it by letting the boys wear their regular coloured underpants instead of the white boner-killers that are such a boring feature of some other spanking sites. What I would love to see addressed is a matter I’ve mentioned before and that is shorts. Shorts should be short – that is why they’re called shorts after all! In the countries where they are a regular part of school uniform, they are often worn very short indeed! Shorter shorts would make these naughty schoolboy clips even more of a dream and would look very sexy on our Stinglads! As well as reflecting local uniform custom more accurately. I’d be interested to learn from ‘Feel the Sting’ why this idea isn’t looked at. When the boys are filmed wearing short sports shorts, they always look so amazingly spankable! Why not get them into shorter grey school uniform shorts as well?

  11. I hope I’m not normally aggressive or demanding, but I have asked the question more than once about shorter shorts in school uniform scenarios and never had an answer. Sorry,Bruce, but I’m going to keep asking until I get a response! It isn’t just because of personal preferences – it’s because I love this site and feel they are missing out on an opportunity! And it’s an opportunity to make grey school shorts sexier (and therefore the boys looking more sexy and spankable) and also to reflect local conditions more accurately. I have spent time professionally in educational settings both in southern Africa and the Antipodes where these scenarios are supposedly constructed – in none of these places have I witnessed senior boys in shorts the length they wear them in Sting Pictures scenarios.I have only observed them in short.tight shorts that show off their cheeky bottoms and juicy thighs to utter spanking perfection!

    Please at least let me know, as publicly as you like, why Sting Pictures are so resistant as they appear to be to the idea of shorter shorts for these school uniform scenarios. If it is a question of money, I would be happy to fund the shortening of these shorts myself – only too happy! Not just for selfish reasons, but because I think it would add such a lovely spanky dimension to these amazing scenarios and make them even more spankily amazing!

    1. Hello Dr van Spanking, I am sorry I did not respond to your earlier question. I now will respond publicly, as we do get this same question quite often. The Shorts which are worn by the boys in school scenarios, are from the Sting “costume department /props” and were selected for the sake of authenticity. They are the style of shorts which would have been worn at schools in the period, and are similar to those still worn at a small number of private schools in places like Australia and New Zealand.

      The longer shorts we see in Sting videos, more faithfully reflect the reality of a 1950’s English public school, where the stories are set. The shorter shorts you are describing would be more suited to 1970’s tennis players than 1950’s school boys!!

      However, Sting do appreciate that they are in the business of fulfilling fantasies as well as well as faithfully recreating reality, and I believe they are looking at sourcing some “skimpier” shorts. However, this is not easy, as grey school shorts are largely unavailable in Europe in 2019, and have to be obtained from overseas.

      Also money is an issue, male spanking is a very competitive area with an ever growing number of studios all competing for the same market, hence budgets are tight and the purchasing of supplies of extra small shorts, when Sting has existing supplies of medium size shorts is an unwelcome expense.

      However, I confirm that Sting have noted your request.

  12. Rich O’Shea has asked me to add the following to my reply to Dr van Spanking

    Its worth noting that we did try whilst in the Far East recently to have 4 very short grey shorts made up. We do listen to what the customers like to see best we can. We probably too have already the most diverse school uniform assortment in props and costume of any other studio. However, the shorts we had made up were a real disappointment and didn’t fit very well at all. They were a modern cut and didn’t fit round the bottom in the way we wanted. We are going to try again now here but as you say we always have to ask the question does it really warrant it?
    To say what we do have is, the Brit grey shorts are real and from a school supplier but altered too, the brown shorts are from SA and the brown shoes too (Many people write in to ask if they can buy these) We also have uniform from the Far East and the Kiwi College outfits are sent from New Zealand all authentic. We even made up a Sting School badge way back and do try to buy everything that is real and is in use or has been used before. As you also state (Bruce) things have changed radically in MM spanking over the last few years and like everybody we have to cut our cloth to suit the budget, excuse the pun.

  13. Thanks, guys – I appreciate all that you say. I wouldn’t want to cause any irritation! I suspect that in some of the pictures I’ve seen, the senior boys have grown into their shorts. Thanks for responding so fully, Bruce and Richard. I actually am not surprised that I haven’t been the only one asking the question, but I do understand the issues you mention. Please be assured that the not-so-short shorts don’t ever spoil anything for me! Especially as the lads do wear them very spankably!

    1. Hi again Dr van Spanking. You are not an irritation at all, and, as both Richard and i indicated, you are not the only one who has requested shorter shorts.

      As Rich mentioned Sting are seeking to get some more ‘snug fitting’ shorts made, and hopefully we will see these on film soon!

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