End Of The Road

A senior college student, Madison (Rick Palmer) is in real trouble, he has unwisely taken a car without the owners consent and crashed it. The car belonged to another member of college staff but the Police became in involved and it looked like it would get completely out of hand for both Madison and the college. However, the Headmaster managed to do a private deal to smooth it all over. For Madison it means he must be severely punished.

To avoid the situation going any further the boy was more than willing to take his medicine and let the Headmaster deal with it, although now very apprehensive as to what was in store for him!


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WARNING – this video features a severe caning



He had reason to be as he will be receiving a hard bare bottom rattan caning

Later a good spanking to follow, something this wayward young man has needed for a while now! This is a test he must pass, then perhaps for a car legally in future.



End of The Road – in 1080p Extra High Definition


End of The Road – in Standard Definition


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By Bruce

10 thoughts on “End Of The Road”
  1. I downloaded this video immediately and I’m very glad I did. In terms of the actual punishment, this video is absolutely wonderful and will remain compulsively watchable for me. Regarding my previous comment about positions, well, this is so much better than bending at the knees that I’ll politely say “I told ya so” and move on :

  2. I meant for there to be a smiley face after that comment 🙂

    One minor quibble (and it is indeed minor): It would have been much hotter to see him shower in between the punishments.

  3. Concur with HRH a great download, a good hard thrashing by Rich – I hope we will have more such hard punishments. Ricks bottom was very well presented and absorbed the cane well – with some nice red welts produced. A great turn on for me and will derive much pleasure watching.
    How lucky we have been this last week with Andrew Green, Andy Easton and now Rick Palmer all 3 great
    looking boys, lovely bottoms and well presented boys. Thank you all 3 and Rob and Rich.
    Michael Brown

  4. To me, the shower scene was one of the best I have seen in a Sting video!

    As for the caning, I would have preferred to see Rick’s feet firmly on the ground, bending over touching his toes – the way I was caned at school.

    Decent set of cane stripes! More like I remember from my own school days, rather than the pale pink lines we often get in videos these days!

  5. I love the process of this clip it’s quite a turn on caned severely (done so in a professional manner very clean and not messy so it doesn’t appear extremely outrageous) and then spanked hard OTK with RAPID FIRE (my favourite) that is a perfect set up for me but oddly enough I don’t actually like canning I like the OTK hand spanking only but it’s the idea of one getting spanked on an already very sore bottom it’s very arousing. I can imagine the lad thinking “I’ve just taken a hard canning and now I have to be spanked across the knee my bum is so sore already” it would be great in the future if the models could express how sore there bottom actually is and protest how they didn’t need to be further spanked that would be very sexy.

    I think this playout would be perfect for a story idea actually I’ve always said that I’m not so much into the school scenarios/uniform etc so I don’t want to sound like a hypocrite but there’s ideas regarding this type of setting that I do find interesting specifically a school/home settings which has in fact been done before with Matt Mills in “Delivered By Hand” having the lad caned at school by the teacher and then to make matters worse dad gets word of what has happened and then dad spanks his son at home on his “already sore bottom” I like the mix of the school and home setting for me (personally) that is more fun rather than having it all based in school after all dad would be fuming that his well adjusted son is causing problems in school. 😂

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