There have been many requests to have Rich back in a shoot, he’s been busy with quite a few new projects these days but nevertheless he was happy to oblige, so here it is giving naughty Evan what he deserves!

After receiving calls of complaint from Evan’s (Evam Ryker) college Principal, Rich decides its time he needs teaching a lesson. This is now becoming a weekly event and warnings have been given. One more time and it’ll be a whacking for Evan!


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The one more time happened of course and now Evan will get a good spanking right down to his bare bottom!






After the spanking this strapping young lad will receive a good swishy caning. Laid on firmly over his already well spanked bottom, something a big lad like Evan really hates. Maybe now a change of attitude towards his work at college will occur or he’ll risk this punishment all over again!





Evan Ryker gets what he deserves … again!


By Bruce

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