Flip-Flopping Finn

While on vacation, Finn (Finn Harper) had planned a day out at the beach, but alas, this is clearly not going to happen as he is stopped in his tracks by his ever-suffering stepdad (Domonic). Due to Finn’s appalling yearly college report, his stepfather feels it is time for him to learn a lesson.

Reluctantly, Finn hands over one of his flip flops and has to kneel on the chair in his tight fitting swimming trunks.

He then gets a good dose of them smacking on his bottom and is quickly surprised about the amount a flip flop stings.

After a brief interruption, Finn then has the audacity to talk back to his stepfather, and he is quite rightly furious with this behavior and orders Finn to now strip off and go over the knee for a long, hard dose of spanking with the flip-flop.

This time Finn really feels the heat of the hard rubber sole on his bare backside, and needless to say, this vacation is not what he was hoping for at all!

He certainly got tanned where he didn’t expect to.

And it hurts a lot more than sunburn!!

Finn Harper and his footwear star in Flip-Flopping Finn



Flip-Flopping Finn – in 1080p Extra High Definition

Flip-Flopping Finn – in Standard Definition


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By Bruce

8 thoughts on “Flip-Flopping Finn”
  1. Wow Finn in those Speedos! And Flip Flops thrown into the mix. Christmas has come early for Finn Fans. Some delicious photos – super cute last photo too.

  2. Amazing to see the return of Finn! And in speedos – which many of us have been longing to see him spanked in for some time. Not sure about the blond hair, but some of his facial expressions in this video are superb.
    I love the way, when he has to pull up the speedos at the end, he seems incapbale of properly fitting his “package” back in. 😉
    After the recent video with James Lewis that Dr Van Spanking requested (which was also a great film) do you know Bruce if a request scenario would be doable with Finn?
    Completely appreciate Finn is getting a bit older, but I would still love to see him the school uniform again (with the short shorts of course). Maybe in a caught masturbating type scenario – with a series of photos of Finn posingin the uniform. I’m sure others would like similar. Do you know if this would be doable? Thanks again to the team at Sting for continuing to produce excellent content.

    1. Please can I endorse D’s request? Maybe it would be one for the autumn at back-to-school time? Finn is just SO spankable in school uniform – wearing, of course, the short shorts! And no white boner-killers underneath them, please!

  3. As D commented Finn in speedos has been much requested and this does not disappoint. Photos are the best Finn looks sensational and Definitely Stings best. Facial expressions are spot on. Lets see more of Finn asap.

  4. Finn should wear speedos more often! And I kinda like his bleached-blonde hair.
    Finn looked very fetching in those speedos. It framed his buttocks and upper thighs very nicely. And he always grimaced well. But I wish that he had responded to his spanking in a more demonstrative manner – you know, yelping in pain, kicking his legs, squirming over Domonic’s lap.

  5. ‘Oh, my only summer hat!’ ejaculated Bob Cherry!

    Isn’t young Finn just SO asking for it here?! That new hairstyle of his makes him look such a brat! And talk about ATTITUDE! My word! Well, those of us who deal with boys on a regular basis know exactly what needs to be done about attitude when they display it! It has to be smacked out of them! Good and hard! Which is exactly what Domonic proceeds to do as he makes Finn kneel and bend over and begins to spank him with that very solid-looking flip-flop! I can recall an occasion as a youngster when I was disciplined with a flip-flop across the bum, and I can assure spankfans that it HURTS! It was very memorable and like Finn in this clip, it was administered over a pair of swimming-trunks – royal-blue ones, I remember, wet from me being in the sea!

    Which brings me to the WOW! Factor here – this being that Finn is wearing swimming-briefs (and nothing else, which emphasises the WOW! element!). It is a real treat to see a lad getting smacked in swimming-briefs and it really would be the cat’s ass if more M/M spanking studios would see the potential for spanking over speedos! Apart from underpants, there is no garment that makes a boy look more spankable, especially when he is otherwise bare! They have the additional kinky factor of being made of nylon, the best material for spankingwear! Gentlemen of a certain age will remember how nylon was a standard material for boys’ underwear in the 1970s (the Golden Age of Spanking!) especially if you wore coloured underpants, but they used it for vests as well as briefs! It was also standard for football shorts and school PE shorts – all very spankable!

    One good old-fashioned spanking later, first bent over in his navy-blue swimming-briefs then laid stark naked over the knee, Finn is hopefully a somewhat wiser, if more sad lad! A pity he can’t have that swim, because I’m guessing he could do wit it to cool is smarting bum! I don’t know if, when Finn was getting dressed, it was deliberate or accidental that his cock was sticking out of his briefs, but either way it was the creamiest icing on this veriest of spanky cakes!

    I hope we can look forward to more speedo-spankings at Sting! Can I add my voice about young Tim Ptacek who would look amazing in a pair of swimming-briefs, as would that impossibly cute, hairy-bottomed little lad, Jean Gilliam, who joined the Sting family recently!

    Incidentally, if you’ve never had a pert-bottomed young lad in a pair of nice brief swimming-briefs laid over your knee for a good smacked bottom, feeling that super-kinky, silky-smooth nylon stretched over his buttocks under your spanking-hand, then I heartily commend the experience to you!

    Cliff van Spanking.

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