Foul Mouth (in 4K)

Foul Mouth

One college lad Johnson (Austin Cook) is returning to the changing rooms carrying two rattan punishment canes. Waiting there is Housemaster (Marco) He has been using bad language again to his class teacher, a lady of delicate disposition. He doesn’t seem even now to be showing any remorse and if anything is goading the Housemaster by grinning about it all. For a boy in this position it’s a serious mistake when it comes to Mr Sharpe.

Now some corrective action must be taken starting with a good caning


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…. right down to the lads well rounded bare bottom!

The hard caning is followed of course by a scolding spanking, will show him this is no laughing matter. Time for reflection perhaps, don’t dare use the ‘F’ word again!


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Foul Mouth – in 4K Ultra High Definition


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Foul Mouth – in Standard Definition


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7 comments on “Foul Mouth (in 4K)

  1. Constructive criticism/question for the group: Isn’t Marco’s aim a bit too high?

  2. Marco got a couple a bit high but I think most were in the right area.
    Austin has recently developed beautiful thighs and a perfect bubble butt.
    It was a good video and Austin took it well,

  3. There was a comment a few years back that Sting generally tended to avoid the sit-spot. Certainly, if you look at picture 10, it appears all the strokes are bunched in the top half of his backside, while a couple are a towards the top. However, appearances can be deceptive. Picture 9 shows that Marco is actually addressing the part of Austin’s buttocks which are facing him. The underside isn’t really visible & some people are therefore uncomfortable targeting it. I think it can be done safely by adjusting your stance, but not everyone agrees. When Austin actually stands up, however (pics 6, 13 & 19), it can be observed that the strokes are actually bunched across the centre of his buttocks (& you actually wouldn’t really see ones that were lower down to the same extent). Admittedly two of the strokes are right at the top end of the backside, but still on rather than above it (says he who wasn’t on the receiving end).

  4. This featured the scenario Sting are best at and our Austin is a good upper sixth form boy. To describe the caning though as a hard one is in my opinion an over statement. I would suggest fewer but more meaningful strokes. Austin certainly has a nice rounded bottom which could take such a caning. He has certainly grown since his early Sting days and plays the part of a petulant older teenager very well.
    I do concur with the comment about Marco’s aiming of the strokes. This is partly due to the boy not being made to bend over properly. Either touching toes in the bent over position or the boy bent over a desk or chair displays the bottom correctly for discipline and is a better target for the giver. Additionally most boys will tell you the strokes to the lower part of the bottom are more painful.
    By far the best part of the video is the hand spanking and Austin’s willy did start to respond to this.

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