Bad Lads 3

This February 2017 update was originally posted to the old Feel The Sting

The Denisa brothers (Robin Palmer as Ross and Eric Franke as Jamie) are at it again with there bad behaviour, only this time its in college looking at things they shouldn’t look at on a computer in Mr Sharpe’s office!




Clearly not impressed Mr Sharpe pulls out to chairs on which they should kneel. He quickly starts of the punishment with his well know and feared heavy hand spanking knowing that both their knees and bums are starting to feel unhappy.



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Not happy with this position Mr Sharpe wastes no time and stands them up and gets there jeans down. 

First over the knee goes Ross with his as always arrogant expression which is soon going from his face as Mr Sharpe’s hand starts its painful rhythm. His bum already now starting to glow Ross has to lose his underwear now and crack and slap now he can really feel the message from Mr Sharpe’s hand.





Next in line is Jamie, whilst Ross left standing against the wall with his now reddened bum on show Jamie quickly receives the same uncomfortable spanking that his trouble making brother just received.



Unable to help himself Ross turns around to watch his brother…. Big mistake Mr Sharpe doesn’t miss a thing and snaps at him to turn back to the wall and Jamie’s spanking continues.




Both standing by the wall Mr Sharpe takes another glance at what they were looking at and is disgusted that would look at that in college. He decides that they need another reminder and with hands up on the wall they are both spanked at the same time during which Jamie blames Ross for this. Hearing the lad saying this again the spanking intensifies with each contact more painful than before.




Punishment over…. or so they think, as they pull up their clothes Mr Sharpe informs them that they should know that their father will be expecting them!



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By Bruce

6 thoughts on “A Good Spanking for Two Bad Lads in “Bad Lads 3””
  1. I enjoyed this video very much. It is a nice touch that the “porn” the boys are watching at the beginning is actually of Robin about to get a good spanking from Rich. Perhaps he wanted to self critique – or perhaps to give Erik some tips on how to act. Whatever the reason this is Bad Lads 3 Part 1: I really am looking forward to Part 2.

    1. Hi Spartan

      I am pleased you enjoyed Bad Lads 3, I am afraid Part 2 did not happen, (or, at least it hasn’t happened yet) unfortunately one of the problems with making adult movies is that actors are not always very reliable.

      Although plans were in place to make part 2 and all actors agreed to take part, when it came to the day of the shoot, only Robin Palmer and Johan Volny turned up.

      By Chance Tim Law was available at short notice, so they were able to go ahead and film a video, which became Bad Lads 4, with a slightly different storyline.

  2. There’s something very exciting about hand spanking a guy when he’s standing up right or leaning on a wall. Don’t know why I just find its soooo wickedly yummy!

  3. I think it’s time Robin got spanked with a ping pong paddle/bat, that would be cute to watch.

    Please consider it.

    1. Hi

      I will pass your suggestion on to Sting, I know they have a ping pong bat in their store, it was used on Damien Drake in “Scott Listen and Learn”


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