Hard Ball

Throwing a ball at the coach in a fit of anger is not the best way to get on in the team. Now one lad (new StingLad Rick Palmer) is finding that this sort of action has consequences. He is ordered to report to the Principal (Marco)

Not at all amused that a petulant boy like Rick has thrown a ball in to the face of his coach, he intends to remind him that this is not considered a sporting gesture at all.

The lad has never been punished by a spanking so this first time, over the knee, event will be quite a surprise!


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He’s never had a strap across his firm bare bottom either so today he’ll be scoring a brace. The final result though is he’ll be a sore loser too once the Principal has done with him.







By Bruce

4 thoughts on “Hard Ball”
  1. Wow! Really enjoyed Rick and love his sounds!! Tell me would Rick do a Hornet film? Cheers and very nice work!

  2. I liked the download but did find his vocal proceedings over the top. His disciplining was not that hard.
    Rick does have a nice bottom which is well presented. What was particularly nice was to see his buttocks wobbling from the impact of Marcos hand and strap.

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