Hard Time For Finn

When Ryan (Ryan Conway) catches Finn (Finn Harper) taking one off the wrist he’s amazed he might not have been a little more careful. Anybody else could have walked in and all he had to do was lock the door. It looks like he needs something to dampen his ardour. Ryan is going to make sure that happens!


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There is a think leather belt in the drawer, that will do to start with.

After a good licking with that on Finn’s bare bottom he can get a darn good spanking too! If this situation should come up again Finn knows what will be in store, so lock that door!




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By Bruce

8 thoughts on “Hard Time For Finn”
  1. Oh, Finn, Finn, Finn, will you never learn? Let’s hope not, because Finn is far and away my favourite of the current generation of Sting lads. He shows such great reactions when he is being disciplined, and as for that bottom of his…..well, it was just built to be spanked over a man’s knee, wasn’t it?! Treasure him, Sting!

  2. I love that belt Ryan is using on Finn’s bare bottom . That belt would make any bare bottom
    ouchie ouch. I would also wallop that bare behind of Finn just imagine you are wanking and
    your sister. walks in on you.Mastrubation is normal and every boy should have his quiet time to do it abut for fucks sakes lock the door..

  3. Like so many, I just can’t get enough of Finn and his well-tanned backside, especially in a domestic scene. I would love to see him and Marco do another round of “Act Your Age” together – their first one is still my favourite Sting video, and I think it was the closest Finn has been to meeting his edge.

    I have been missing Austin’s cheekiness lately – is he coming back soon, Bruce? Hope he’s ok!

    1. Hi AF
      Austin is fine, and no less cheeky. I can tell you he is due to start filming a new video tomorrow

  4. An excellent video with Finn at his best.
    Finn has the most wonderful facial expressions but the one we have never seen is a good smile. When I saw this video beginning with a pleasurable wank I had hoped we would see a smile. Unfortunately Finn was interrupted; better luck next time Finn.

  5. In fairness, events don’t usually call upon Finn to smile. However, he does smile a bit at Marco’s reaction to his salted coffee (Bitter End: 02:15) though that soon fades when he realises what’s in store (surely he would have worked this out already, given that he’s living with Marco?); & when he gets his porn mag back (Harper Down Under: 10:20); & there’s also a hint of a smile when his boss tells him to go over his knee in Workshy 2 (02:33), which I completely missed first time, presumably because his character finds the prospect of being spanked as an adult ludicrous, & completely underestimates how painful it is going to me. Though whether these qualify as “good” (or even good) smiles is more open to question.

  6. Finn as always a delight to see spanked. And Ryan seems to like it as much. Would love to see both caned together.

  7. Finn as always looking great especially liking the socks he’s wearing. Anything coming up with James Holt and Finn? Always a great pairing.

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