Hardball Extra

Following on from his first encounter with the college Principal in ‘Hard Ball’, Dwayne (Rick Palmer) is back waiting to get a second session of discipline. His first offence was throwing a basket ball in to the face of his coach but now he’s now been very cheeky to another faculty member.

The Principal has him waiting in his office ready to go straight over the knee, like the naughty boy he is. If big supposedly responsible lads break the rules like this they can expect no more than to receive the punishment of a junior boy, a hard spanking.


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ending up on the bare bottom!








Title 2257

By Bruce

14 thoughts on “Sting Raw : Hardball Extra (At Clips4sale)”
  1. Can somebody explain the logic of Sting.
    The first download on this issue was on the Sting site. The second is on clips for sale
    It all seem if nothing else illogical and confusing to us punters who they rely on.
    Michael Brown

    1. The second part is a no nonsense straight to spanking Sting Raw video, and therefore, fits the criteria of the C4S Sting Raw studio. This may happen more often in the future

  2. Is that other member he was cheeky too a female and is there going to be a story intertwine yeah I can imagine so. Oh kill me now.

  3. Thank you Bruce but it seems completely illogical to me.
    One site surely is enough or do boys get spanked harder on clips for sale!!

  4. Hi Michael

    I am sorry it does not seem logical to you. Sting are merely diversifying their offering, with the short, sharp, no frills straight to spanking “Sting Raw” videos now available via Clips4Sale.

    1. Bruce with all due respect you seem to be avoiding answering this properly and I have to agree with Michael Brown that it is totally illogical to offer some spanking scenes on Stings own website and others on C4S. Surely the logical thing to do is to offer the clips on both the Sting website AND C4S. That way Sting’s customers don’t have to go to another site to buy the clips and Sting attracts new customers from C4S. Or maybe that is just too logical….

      1. Hi James

        Unfortunately I am not involved in Sting’s business decisions. This is the first time Sting have sold through Clips4sale, and the current process is the one they have decided to follow. Naturally they will monitor it and see how successful it is. It can of course be changed at a later date if it isn’t working for them.

        However, for the time being Sting Raw videos are only available through Clips4Sale.

  5. Hi Bruce. Just wondered if you had heard back from the team as to when we will get a new Hornet Film? Sorry to keep asking.

    1. Hi Corey

      I am afraid there are no new Hornet’s planned Right now, Sting do hope to make more in future, however, they are significantly more expensive to make, largely because the actors are paid a much higher fee. Hence there needs to be a much higher budget available.

  6. I’m personally think Stings choice makes perfect sense there is lots of studios which offer options to purchase on there website’s directly and also options to purchase at clips4sale some even use more vendors but I like the idea of having Sting Raw resurrected and think clips4sale is perfect for this option considering its formula of no nonsense spanking you get what you pay for and having it exclusive to clips4sale gives people different options and having choices is exciting. I agree because of the name it could seem un-logical or confusing but the idea is fitting for Raw the only time I’ve been confused was having a female appear in a raw release but other than that 👍

  7. If I may, I for one love these film shorts! Sometimes I can either not afford a longer film offered on the original Sting site or I am unsure if I wish to purchase the longer film because either its a new actor whose work I am not sure I will enjoy or perhaps the longer film’s storyline is too repetitive and I think “I’ve been there done that”. These shorter pieces can help on both counts. Well, that’s my opinion at least.

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