Gone fishin’ instead of just a sittin’ an a wishin’ is how the old song goes but in the case of Simon (Johnny Reed) he really should have got a licence first.

The Ranger (Marco) is always on the lookout for young lads breaking the angling rules at his reserve and today he’s going to catch young Johnny yet again. Hauled back to his estate office Simon is given a choice of how he’ll be dealt with.

Sensibly or perhaps not, given the Rangers reputation of dealing with miscreants, he opts for whacking.


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It’ll begin good sound spanking, over the knee and on the bare bottom.






After this a freshly cut whippy switch will be a very raw reminder to obtain a license in future. Simon will take his punishment and get one free today but he’ll also make sure he’s not caught again, hook, line and …!










Hook, Line and …. – in 1080p Extra High Definition


Hook, Like and ….. – in Standard Definition


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Title 2257


By Bruce

3 thoughts on “Hook, Line And ……….”
  1. What a nice looking young man and such a great switching. If he misbehaves again he should be tied down to take his punishment.

  2. Nice hot video. Johnny Reed is sexy and cute. Love the switch. Only thing for me is when a guy is bending I always find it hotter when he bends his knees because it makes the butt jut out more. Love the outdoor element and just the general atmosphere of this movie.

  3. yidith — I am a woman ,, I love this guy is very physically active, he is sexy ,, it is worth traveling to the Czech Republic and hiring the escort services he offers ,, I am dying to have sex with him (fuck)

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