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WARNING: Hornet videos feature equal amounts of male on male Sex and Spanking


Hornet: Because I Can 4

Part 1 of 2

In this episode we follow a young student (Isaac Esteban) having to visit the PT coach (Rudi Vallance) in his study. This little tyke has been causing all sorts of trouble and needs taking down a peg or two.

A good spanking for this naughty boy is a fitting start but a bit of humiliation will go a long way too. If you upset the coach you pay in more ways than one.




This hunky disciplinarian expects his boys to serve time during the punishment to make up for all the problems they caused. He might as well take pleasure in this, nothing works you up like spanking a petulant lads firm bare bottom and the lad in turn must now do his duty too!












By Bruce

4 thoughts on “Hornet: Because I Can 4”
  1. I am in some ways disappointed with this Download. In many ways it follows exactly the same format as all the recent Hornet productions – the sex scene needs spicing up and be more exciting.
    It was nice to see Rudi after an absence of what 6 years and my how he has changed. To think he used to always find his great bottom being disciplined.
    Isaac in his 2nd production looks a promising young man – good shots being spanked over nice fitting schoolboy grey short trousers. great white briefs and bare.

  2. Just watched this. I thought Rudi V. did a good job as a new top. A good first timer. Love to see a top hard and aroused too when dealing out punishment to cheeky young brats. Can’t really see how it can be spiced up any more. Please gentlemen don’t start adding unnecessary grunting and groaning or over the top additions its nice and natural as it is.

  3. I definitely agree with Doctor Caine. Rudi V. is a very horny top. More like this please…

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