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WARNING: Hornet videos feature equal amounts of male on male Sex and Spanking


Hornet – Flat Mates 2

Introducing two new StingLads. When one lad (Marcus Parish) finds another boy (Taylor Blaine) riffling through his holdall it caused quite a stir. He’s not happy that this other boy should be getting his kicks with his stuff, if he wants to play dirty then so be it.

What this boy needs is a good spanking and a dose of the rod, a hard, throbbing one at that!

The bigger lads starts by taking the other boy over his knee. This leads on to more stinging spanking until it’s time for the boy to submit to his punisher and serve him well, as only a master can be.

The muscular master’s rod needs to be sucked rock hard, only then can it be used on that well rounded and now spanked red bare bottom!


For the next three weeks a full sized, high definition, version of the video preview trailer can be downloaded from SendSpace by CLICKING HERE


The video preview can also be viewed at Spanking Tube




Hornet – Flat Mates 2 – in 4K Extra High Definition


Hornet – Flat Mates 2 – in Standard Definition


A HD version of this video is also available through Sting Raw at Clips4Sale for customers who wish to use an alternative processor.

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By Bruce

9 thoughts on “Hornet – Flat Mates 2”
  1. Well worth the wait. Thanks to all.
    Can we next see Finn Harper and Jacob Dolce or Lucas Taylor in such a scene please.

  2. When will the hornetpicture update? It’s been such a long time that there is no new scene.
    And when will you sell all the hornet video on Clips4sale

    1. Hi Jason. Hornet is on hiatus at the moment . Sting hope to restart the full STG operation once they are established in their new studio

  3. Although I am an Chinese,I really love it.And I want to ask hornetpicture a question:Why do you update videos so slowly?But you took the photos well.I’ll
    still buy for it.
    (Sorry,I’m just a student so ,plsase excuse my wrongs on this Paragragh. I like spanking with MALES)

    1. Hi Alex
      The hornet videos are temporarily suspended, because Sting are building a new studio.
      We hope to restart production in the future.
      Your English is very good and easy to understand
      Dà huángfēng shìpín zhànshí tíng bò, yīnwèi wǒmen zhèngzài jiànshè yīgè xīn de gōngzuò shì.
      Wǒmen xīwàng zài wèilái chóngxīn kāishǐ shēngchǎn.

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