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Housemasters Study Ep:6



Mr Sharpe cannot abide bad language especially when its used by a student against a female teacher, that particular boy can expect no mercy. In this case it’s been used by a senior lad, Brent (Adam Black) and mouthing such profanities is going to get him the hardest and longest spanking he’s ever had.




It starts right away with his PT shorts being pulled down and a strong delivery of stinging slaps delivered harshly to his bare backside.


And now it’s getting serious!! ….


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This boy, even though a senior, is really going to be dealt with like a junior. With his legs well spread this hard bare bottom spanking will leave young Brent in no uncertain terms how he is to behave in future!











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By Bruce

One thought on “The Housemaster’s Study 6 (Part 2 of 2) – Now He’s Angry!!”
  1. Over the time I have been a devotee of Sting’s great work, I have kept an eye on the wardrobe the boys are provided with. It’s a little while now since we saw those deliciously short PE shorts so it was the purest joy to see them being worn again, especially over such a lusciously pert and smackable bottom as young Adam’s. Aside from the fact that there’s something incredibly sexy about shorts with speed vents, Adam wears them SO spankably and is bent over so perfectly in the second of those lovely stills above! Those of you who are familiar with my blog, guess whose cheeky, well-rounded bottom is going to feature in tonight’s ‘Spank you and good night’ post!

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