I’ll Ask You Once

Marco has had a phone call about a lad living in the house (new StingLand Tim Vesely) who has been caught on the CCTV network stealing some cash. In some ways he’s lucky, if he’s dealt with by Marco he gets another chance. Lucky though may not be the way of it, Marco can be a match for a lad who wants to go up against him in such a way.


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So this lad will be getting a spanking, a first for him and a dose of the leather strap to follow. An import although painful learning curve! If he dares transgress again in this way he knows the corrective medicine he faces next time will be even more severe!




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Title 2257

By Bruce

6 thoughts on “I’ll Ask You Once!”
  1. An unexpected and welcome surprise! I hugely enjoyed the view of his big feet while he was being whipped — and his reactions! Delicious. Thank you.

  2. Sorry to moan, but, for the second time in a row, we have the disappointing lack of an underpants sequence, Especially disappointing with a new boy, that we are given no chance of an insight into his taste in underwear, when he has such a pert and deliciously spankable bottom! Even more of a missed opportunity than last week’s! I really do hope this isn’t going to become the norm – I love my Sting movies, but I haven’t looked beyond the video preview in this case. I hope I am not being simply destructive here, because I am only thinking about how the experience of fans who share my particular tastes might be enhanced in a highly competitive market. Sting does underpants’ sequences so well – PLEASE, Sting, don’t lose this fantas

  3. I agree with the Dr., underpants are an essential component of these films for me, it adds variety and makes the film more interesting especially if they are wearing their own. Sting is renowned for its production standards, please do not let these slip.

  4. Hi Dr van Spanking and Swanlad, thanks for your comments, which I will pass on to Sting.

    As I said in my recent reply to Dr van Spanking regarding Bad New Day, the vast majority of Sting videos do feature an underpants spanking sequence, and I am not aware of any plan to change this. It is true that there have now been two videos in succession which have not included an underpants spanking. However, as far as I am aware, this is merely a coincidence, and not indicative of a trend or change in approach.

    I am sure the sound of palm on polyester cotton will be echoing from future videos very soon.

  5. I, for one, appreciate the variety in some videos including spanking on the underpants, and some not. The more realistic choice (and that’s what I prefer) — and this is based on my own memories and those of peers who were spanked/paddled/strapped for discipline — is for the entire punishment to be given one way (through pants, underpants, or bare). Some guys always got it bare (at home), but others I knew only got it bare when they did something really bad, or for a repeat offense. Either way, when it was bare, the entire punishment was administered to their bare butt. And I never heard of a Dad or other authority figure that gave part of the punishment as a hand spanking and the rest with a belt or paddle. If you earned a butt whipping, that’s what you got – a strap or belt applied to your butt until the debt was paid. There was no warm-up spanking or extra spanking afterward. (For context, I grew up in the US in the Midwest.)

  6. Totally agree with the good Doctor and Swanlad. I missed the guys wearing their underwear. Its always exciting to see what underwear the guys are wearing – Finn and Luke Geer particularly have a great selection of underwear. As has been said, Sting always do the underwear sequence so well.
    Good to know from Bruce’s reply that the back to back videos were just a coincidence.
    I did like the new model Tim and Curtis looked really good in his tight track suit bottoms however underwear next time please.
    Also really liked Scott Grande be great to see him back.

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