I’m In Trouble

I’m In Trouble

Some Lads just know their time is up and they have to face the consequences of their actions. Such is the case of one lad (Curtis Cameron) who must now face the wrath of Mr Holt (James Holt) for his gross disobedience and behavior.


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There’s only one answer and that’s a darn good spanking. Taken up over Mr Holt’s lap the boy will now endure a sore butt reddening bottom slapping that in every way is well deserved.

By the time his bottom is bared and the pounding palm of his spanker really gets going Curtis is wishing he’d never got himself into this humiliating situation. Thank goodness his mates can’t see him right now!




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2 comments on “I’m In Trouble

  1. The sight of Curtis being over James’s knee is a joy to behold, thanks to Sting for making it possible. It would be great to see Curtis again in a schoolboy scenario as he is young looking enough to make this a believable teen being given a deserved spanking, facial expressions just magic.

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