Approved Education Part 2 is a mini epic with an all star cast including Brad, David, Barry and Stefanel together with the popular Brett . In this download, Brett appears in three heavy discipline sessions during which he receives a spanking, a strapping and finally the cane.
For his first punishment, following an unsuccessful attempt to escape from Approved School (a type or reformatory for young miscreants) Brett is ordered to humiliatingly remove his pajama bottoms and go over the knee for a firm bare bottom spanking, affording the audience what must certainly be many people’s favourite view of our young hero.


Many firm smacks later the chastised Brett is sent to bed to nurse his smarting pride and stinging behind.

Following a further attempt to abscond Brett finds himself on the sore bottomed end of a severe strapping from the head warden (played by Rich O’Shea)


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Approved Education 2 together with three other downloads and a bonus scene is now available on DVD as part of the

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