In The Hot Seat

Finn’s Guardian (Richard O’Shea) is very angry after finding cigarette burns and the offending cigarette butts on the seats of his new car. When Finn (Finn Harper) arrives home he soon discovers how much trouble he is in, his exasperated guardian has run out of patience and decides Finn needs to be punished.

And that means only one thing, a sore bottom for Finn

Starting with a good spanking on the seat of his tight blue jeans

And finishing, of course, on his stinging bare backside.

But it is not over for Finn yet!!

Next, he gets a whacking with the hard clothes brush on his already painful bottom. This will for sure put an end to his dreadful behaviour!





In The Hot Seat – in 1080p Extra High Definition

In The Hot Seat – in Standard Definition


This video is also available through Sting Raw at Clips4Sale for customers who wish to use an alternative processor.

Now also at Spanking Library.

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Title 2257

By Bruce

5 thoughts on “In The Hot Seat”
  1. He is so hot! I have purchased a few of these videos. I would love to see him spanked with a frat paddle on those blue jeans!!! Sting makes excellent content with very good looking models.

  2. How good does Finn look in his yellow shirt and tight jeans. Back where he belongs and no guessing as to what to what underwear he’s wearing. The black Nike underwear fitting perfectly. Some great visuals of Finn bent over in his Jeans and Underwear – a great intro before Rich gets down to work. Rich and Finn always a great combination. Theme works and some great camera angles. Perfect update – more Finn soon.
    Web site looking good like the new set up thanks Bruce.

  3. After a brief excursion into the world of tops, it is just the cat’s ass to see young Finn laid over the knee again!
    I do love to see Finn in his underpants but he looks so phenomenally spankable bent over in those tight blue jeans, that I had to stop myself from smacking the screen!
    I shall once again add my voice to the call for a scenario in which Finn and Timmy’s step dad (Domonic would do a super job in the role!) disciplines Finn for administering illicit punishment to Timmy. Very severely, of course!

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