Meet Gerry Robbins, the latest addition to the Sting Pictures studio.  Gerry will be appearing in a forthcoming Sting release, and hopefully many more after that!!


(Now I need to go and take a cool shower, and lie down in a darkened room for a while!!)

By Bruce

16 thoughts on “Introducing Gerry”
  1. What a gorgeous guy. I’d love to see him in a medical scene. Hows about “Clinic 2 – Gerry gets it in the ass”

    1. We are renovating another studio right now and the clinic set is dismantled. However, we will be putting it all back together later on and a new clinic series will start shooting.

    1. Hi Rasputin, the shots are from an ongoing new story shoot so may be a while before it hits the screen. I can sat though that Gerry did really well on his first shoot even though he was very apprehensive.

  2. Who is the lucky top doing the spanking, is it Dexter, Marco, Johann Volney or even Mike Cross? I can’t tell, whoever it is is a lucky b#stard!! LOL! What I wouldn’t give

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