When Kenny (Jaydee Black) returns home with yet another letter of complaint from his college lecturer, it becomes to much for Marco. How many times must he be warned! Now some severe action must be taken to provide a constant reminder, the boy must be punished.


Marco orders the boy to bend over the end of the kitchen table before going off to retrieve that most historical of spanking instruments, the carpet beater. The resounding crack on a lads bare bottom of this rattan bound beater always has the right effect!


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After of course this wayward lad is in for a really good over the knee spanking.





There is no messing here, this day boy delinquent is feeling every stinging slap on his very rounded, smooth, upturned bare bottom.


Now for the final humiliation, still with his pants down, the writing of a letter of apology to his college lecturer.


By Bruce

One thought on ““It’s Not My Fault””
  1. Don’t like the way Jaydee holds on to his underwear trying to prevent a further spanking..If he did that with me ,I would seriously wallop his bare bottom soundly.But in the end Marco managed to spank him soundly.Jaydee should at least remove his shoes as well.

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