Its another day off but this time its Richard (Richard Hicks) who’s on the wrong side of Marco his ever watchful guardian. A letter has arrived from the boys college and his days of skipping off are swiftly going to be brought to book!

Sent to his room, Marco intends to teach the lad a lesson he won’t forget. Armed with his leather plated riding quirt he gets to work on the boys tightly clad jeans covered backside. The rounded target raised high is the perfect starting point.


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This is just a precursor of course as soon naughty Richard will be over his knee to continue the punishment, a stinging spanking, starting on his jeans …







… and ending right down to his bare bottom.




At the end, the sore very end, a naked college student will lie on his bed contemplating how its best to perhaps to fully attend college in future!


By Bruce

2 thoughts on “Jimmy’s Day Off”
  1. I’m so glad Sting moved into doing modern-day scenarios, because they do them so fantastically well! Of course it is helped by the beautiful young lads who are prepared to present their very spankable bottoms for discipline! Also the average teenage lad is naturally very smackably built anyway and this innate smackableness (or is it ‘smackability’? I’m never quite sure which) is accentuated by current boys’ fashions which seem to have been designed to make a boy look great during a spanking!

    Young Richard has become one of my big favourites and I’m always thrilled when I log onto Jock Spank and see that there’s a video been posted of him getting his bottom smacked! I’ve never yet been disappointed by anything with Richard in it (not that I ever am by Sting’s work). In this video, though, I think we see Richard’s cheeky, well-rounded bottom at the pertest I remember seeing it (at least while he still has his trousers on)! Almost impossibly pert, as it happens, as he lays face down across the bed, buttocks raised for the spanking he deserves! The ensemble of those well-nigh unbearably taut jeans and a nice clean, bright, white singlet is a beautifully simple combination that works amazingly well! Dressed like that, I reckon Richard was likely to get himself spanked whether he’d been naughty or he hadn’t!

    Most nicely slender or slightly stocky twink boys look great laid over the knee and Richard is no exception, notwithstanding the fact that he is in the hands of a really expert bottom-smacker in the person of Marco. My heart always leaps with excitement when I see that Marco is the disciplinarian because I know that the boys he’s going to take in hand and punish are seriously going to get it! (Don’t get me wrong – I love watching all the Sting spankers in action and I particularly appreciate the fact that they all have a slightly different style of doing things.) Marco has such a wonderfully strict face and stern air about him that I’m sure must sometimes give the lads pause for thought before they bend over his knee. I wouldn’t have wanted to be over that knee at their age!

    Actually, watching Marco’s highly effective use of the riding-crop across Richard’s bum gives me pause for thought. I acquired one a while back (one with a rainbow design along it, appropriately enough for the gay spankers amongst us) but I have to admit it doesn’t get a great deal of use. I expected it to handle rather like the cane, which I use a lot, but it doesn’t really. I think I need to study Marco’s technique as he very clearly knows what he’s doing with it. I would like to use it more so this strikes me as a good time to start honing my skills with it. My naughty boys, look out – I reckon there are some serious stingers coming your way!

    As ever, after a good hiding over the wrinkle-free seat of Richard’s impossibly tight jeans, what for me is always the great moment, when off come the trousers, track-suit bottoms or shorts, arrives. Of course, since the start I am sitting wondering what colour underpants a boy is wearing – here is where I find out! And what a great colour for spankingwear Richard has selected from his pants-drawer for this film! WOW! I don’t know what the official name for that colour is, but I think something like ‘Midnight Spanking Blue’ would fit the bill quite nicely…

    Recently, Sting posted a notice indicating that their output would be slowing down while they prepared for their new situation. I have to say, I haven’t noticed any diminution in output myself – so I think they are to be congratulated that that hasn’t happened! I’m looking forward to what they’re going to be coming up with, though. In my own case, I know only too well what will be coming up…

  2. Hi
    Very nice spanking video

    Can you spank him more while he in in his tight jeans?Mmmmm
    Love it, he wears and fills those jeans out nice with his hot butt😊
    I look forward to more from him

    Thank you!

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