Joey Whyte stars in his first solo role in “No Police 3”


Getting an odd job boy in to do some simple decorating seemed like the right idea at the time. Or so thought Mr O’Shea. It was when he caught the lad pilfering that he quickly changed his mind. Not being a vindictive sort of chap he agreed to the lads pleading not to call the Police but this was only on the understanding that he took a suitable punishment from his employer!



Graham, the lad in question (Joey Whyte) was soon to sample the traditional and far more
effective method of bringing a miscreant to book! Caught red handed
would mean a sore and red bare bottom! Ordered to take off his overalls
and get over the knee the pounding hand of his disappointed employer came cracking down. 




The boys bottom already raw and burning suddenly got
worse as an explosive, really stinging, rapid fire spanking grabbed his
attention. However this is just a warm up!


Now it was the turn of Mr O’Shea’s old thick leather army belt. With Graham kneeling in the sofa
this disciplinary military treasure was scorching the boys already well spanked rounded bare bottom.


The licks of fire growing more intense as the harsh belting continued. Graham would be lucky, after his punishment he’d be given a second chance and keep his job but at least it all ended as he wished with No police involved!








By Bruce

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