Just Brett Video Preview (5 minute 51 sec)

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Just Brett

Brett first joined Sting shortly after his brother Paul had made such an impact and has since appeared in a number of Sting movies, starting with ‘The Punishment Book Vol 3 and he was last featured in ’Troopers in trouble‘ He was without a doubt one of Sting’s most popular, and most frequently spanked stars!


This 1 hour 56.5 minute compilation features a treasure trove of scenes from those movies, showing Brett’s bare bottom getting spanked, caned, strapped, belted, birched, slippered, whacked with a riding crop, paddled and Spanked and caned again.


Just Brett

Title 2257

NOTE: Brett now has his own Spanking Studio at Clips4Sale, which can be visited by CLICKING HERE





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Just Brett

By Bruce

9 thoughts on “Just Brett: Spanking Compilation”
  1. Dear Bruce:

    53 seconds into the preview clip, there is a scene in which Brett receives the crop while wearing pyjamas. Can you please tell me from what film this sequence was borrowed? Thank you.

    1. Hi
      the scene you mention is at the beginning of the original My Borstal Days, Brett is disciplined by his Dad before he and his mate are sent to Borstal. The film is available both as a Download and also as a DVD, here are the links:

      Download: http://www.stingpictures.tv/full-feature-downloads/73-stingmbddlwmv.html
      DVD: http://www.stingpictures.tv/full-feature-movies/137-my-borstal-days.html

      Of course, all of Brett’s discipline sessions are also in Just Brett


  2. hay un viejo video de un jovencito que es castigado por fumar en el colegio siemore he pensado que es brett
    cuando llega a su casa tambien su papa lo castiga

  3. ya vi en el previo que si es brett
    en el mismo pelicula esta donde aparece de marinero a la misma idea me interesa comprar tambien me pueden decir cuales el taigger como boy scaut

    1. Me disculpo mi español no es muy bueno

      Hola Brett está en uniforme naval en la película “Instruments of Persuasion”, no recuerdo si está en uniforme en cualquier otro video – ¿alguien más puede recordar?

      Tigger nunca jugó un boy scout pero muchos chicos de escuela traviesos. Espero que esto ayude.
      aquí hay enlaces a todas las películas de Tigger https://feelthesting.net/category/tigger/

      (In English
      I apologise my Spanish is not very good

      Hello Brett is in navy uniform in the film Instruments of Persuasion, I can’t remember if he is in uniform in any other video – can anyone else remember?

      Tigger never played a boy scout but lots of naughty school boys. I hope this helps.)

    1. Hi Mark

      I will check to see if there have been any issues with that type of Smartphone, but there shouldn’t be any difficulty. Obviously you can’t play DVDs on a Smartphone, nut the downloads are in MP4 format, so, provided you have a suitable player on your phone, it should work okay.

      However, will get back to you


    2. Hi again Mark

      As promised I have checked for you, you should have no problem with the “Just Brett” video, as was filmed in an older film format and is under 2 GB in size. Apparently you can’t download more than two GB in android, so with some of the newer videos, which are available in higer definition, you will need to opt for the Standard definition version as the 1080p versions will usually be too big to play well on your phone.

      Some of the older videos are WMV files but most are now in MP4 format.

      The best free players are either MPC-HC or VLC Player (I believe you can get VLC from the app store at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.videolan.vlc – MPC-HC is at https://mpc-hc.org/ )

      I hope this helps

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