Kiwi Coach 3

The Coach (James Holt) hates nothing more than boys bunking off class, let alone having a quick smoke in his changing rooms! The particular lad he catches this time (James Lewis) thought everybody would be engaged elsewhere, that was the first mistake of his painful day!


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If you get caught by the Coach expect to be punished on the bare bottom and this boy will be no exception. First off the rubber soled gym shoe will be cracking down ..

followed of course by a good over the knee spanking.

The only thing that will be lighting up now is the lad’s burning bare bottom, a nice tinge of red.




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Kiwi Coach 3 – in Standard Definition


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By Bruce

7 thoughts on “Kiwi Coach 3”
  1. Big fan of James Lewis. Not sure what it is but there is just something about him. He does naughty youth so well. And another great performance from him.

    My only slight issue – and I know it has been brought up before so apologies – is that I would love to see even shorter shorts in these school scenes.

    I appreciate Sting are keen to keep things accurate, but I’m not sure how accurate getting the boy to strip completely would be, yet that happens regularly (and I’m certainly not saying I’m against that).

    I for one would really like to see James – or Finn Harper – in much shorter school shorts even than those they have worn in recent scenes.

    1. Okay In the next clip Sting will be really accurate no more nude… Haha! I think as it’s porn we want to see ass and cock so the guy has to strip weather accurate or not I find that an odd comparison but actually pretty accurate if you want to see him spanked imagine if Sting said… “do you know what, you’re right no more nudes” and orders in 20 pairs of tight shorts made to fit so tightly that the model wouldn’t be able to get them off on time to be spanked. 😱 Lol

      1. Ps. Perhaps Sting needed to order “special tight shorts” for James I think he may have some trouble getting those balls in a standard pair of tight shorts. 😹🤭

        1. Yes James’ balls really are something! 🙂

          I’m not saying there shouldn’t be nudity, far from it.

          On the school shorts though, I was a big fan of the really short tight grey ones they used over at Magic Spanking Factory – and seeing similar on some of the lads at Sting would be a real turn on for me.

          1. I do agree somewhat I’m not huge into school themes typically but the guy wearing tight shorts can be embarrassing for him I must say.

  2. James Lewis has a very cute bottom but having a cute bottom does not excuse one or any boy from a sound walloping.In real life this is what should happen to a teenage boy who is caught smoking it would make him think twice before smoking again.

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