Kiwi Coach 4

Kiwi Coach 4

There are strict rules in the college regarding weapons, especially knives. However, many of the lads can’t help themselves when it comes to old military memorabilia. One such boy (Spencer Lake) has an old bayonet in his locker unfortunately now discovered by the PE Head, Mr Stone.

If the lad doesn’t know the rules by now they will have to be reinforced.


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The PE master always starts at the bottom and it’s not long before his swishy rattan cane is delivering part one of a ‘time to behave’ message.

Part two will of course be a good over the knee spanking! On top of those cane stripes it will certainly be a lasting reminder to this senior rule breaker.




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9 comments on “Kiwi Coach 4

  1. Great clip, love the school scenario ones.

    Bruce, have Sting invested in some shorter school shorts, or does Spencer just have really long legs? For me, the shorter the shorts the better 😉

    • Actually those shorts just fitted Spencer particularly well, however, Sting have found a very talented lady with a sewing machine, who is currently adjusting a number of pairs of shorts in the costume department, to make them fit a little more snugly

      • Haha! Wonderful news, Bruce! I’ve been waiting to hear something along those lines for a while, as you know! How appropriate, too, that it should come now in September, which is, of course, ‘back to school’ month!
        I LOVE young Spencer’s selection from his pants-drawer on this occasion – the perfect length for punishment!

  2. Reminds me of my schooldays bending over touching your toes to get ones behind walloped with the cane. The cane hurts like hell even on a clothed bottom.Back then one knew you had to behave or your bottom would be warmed soundly with a cane at school.

  3. Great vid! Spencer really looks great and can even act a little bit! 😉 Yep, birching block or some oldschool doctor scene would be nice.

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