Kiwi College 11

The new junior PE master (James Holt) is trying to make an impression in his first job. He is in charge of the college’s rugby team and determined that they should keep their place at the top of the league. He’s certainly looking after discipline but some of his training methods are a bit suspect.


Two of his top lads (Ryan Conway and Joel Vargas) are getting just a bit out of hand and the junior PE master decides to deal with them.


Taken to the main office they are ordered to bend over for a caning.






After this a belting, side by side, on their bare bottoms ..


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and a stinging if somewhat humiliating over the knee spanking. Big jock like lads don’t usually have to suffer this but it will certainly let them know exactly whose boss now.











In part 2 the tables will be turned when the junior PE master gets a taste of his own medicine


The video preview can also be viewed at Spanking Tube shortly




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Kiwi College 11 – in Standard Definition


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