Kiwi College 12

The lads in college down under are still trying it on with with the staff. Pushing their luck as only they know how to do. Whatever they are up to is soon detected though as watchful eyes are always there to catch them out.

First to be caught misbehaving is Jarvis (Travis McKinnon) he’s trying to cheat in an examination but not doing it very well. Caught out by his Housemaster Mr Sharpe this senior is going to be on the sharp end of a good session of discipline for sure.






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The second lad up before the Headmaster is Carter (Ariel Varga) He’s been reported so many times for bad behaviour and cheekiness its high time he felt the burning sting of discipline too.

Enough is enough and its certainly enough for the Head to pick up his cane!











In part 2 new Sting lad Nat Brown becomes acquainted with the palm of Mr Sharpe’s hand and his trusty strap!!



The video preview can also be viewed at Spanking Tube shortly


By Bruce

15 thoughts on “Kiwi College 12 (Part 1 of 2)”
  1. Jarvis( Travis Mcknnon) is the most sexy Lad I have seen here. I like his light hairy chest and legs.
    I woul like more pictures but naked and tied up in his front par too.
    Thanks I hope you do my petition.

  2. All three lads acquitted themselves well in this video. Congratulations to the production team for dressing all three models in appropriate underwear – tight, skimpy briefs that accentuated their bubble butts and contributed to the erotic undertone of their spankings.

    I had never paid much attention to Ariel Varga before. However, I liked his performance in this video.

    It is good see Travis back in action. He gave a pretty good performance here, as usual. However, Bruce, I noticed that he has lost a bit of muscle since I last saw him in a Sting video. Has he been ill and not yet fully recovered, or has he consciously decided to “slim down”? (He looks okay, but I must say that he looks better “bulked up” like he has in the past.) If it was a deliberately decision to to opt for a lean physique, was that entirely his decision, or did Sting encourage him?

    Both Travis McKinnon and Ariel Varga have lean, athletic builds, which are fine. Newcomer Nat Brown, however, has a heavier, more muscular build which I find very attractive. I hope to see more of him in future videos.

    1. Hi Rasputin
      I am pleased you liked this one, I rather thought Nat Brown might be your type!!

      No, I have checked with Sting, Travis has not been ill, he just lost a lot of weight while working away from the film industry. Now he is filming again he plans to put the weight and muscle back on. So hopefully we will see more of Travis in his next appearance.

  3. This is a half hour video which includes lots of different punishment but I’m going to focus on Travis as I am mainly only interested in his OTK spanking and Travis is my type. Travis got a good “Marco hand spanking” and I loved how Travis was made to stand by Marco’s side as Marco adjusted his sleeve… little does Travis know how hot it is to see him just stand there waiting to be spanked. I would have preferred Travis to have had his underwear come down earlier than it did during the actual spanking and I wish that he had been spanked on the bare bottom for longer. I know that Travis struggles with spanking in general but it would be great to see him pushed to the limit of course his been away for a while so I bear that in mind. I hope he does appear again as he still looks good. I hope that he gets an OTK hand spanking like Rudi got in “The Birch Block 8” which was by far the best (my favourite) OTK hand spanking scene Rudi has made… rapid fire and all. Rapid fire is like the sauce in an ice cream sundae it completes the dish – it completes the spanking. I also liked the theme, Travis has that look about him at times arrogant and cocky he makes a very convincing bully.

    Talking of a bully what is better than embarrassing and belittling one. So I got what I thought was a really good idea while Travis was being spanked. What would have been great was if Travis had seen Ariel open the door trying to sneak a peek. So basically once Ariel opens the door Travis jumps up off Marco’s knee creates a bit of a scene and is told to get back over the knee (Travis is reluctant of course) all of this plays out in front of the other guy (the victim who Travis bullied) then Marco can tell the other guy off telling him to leave the room… Marco then proceeds to spank Travis. Maybe the other guy could have one last little peek. Now that would be quite exciting and embarrassing.

    Another suggestion is to have Travis and Rudi appear in the same clip together. Macro spanking both of them at the same time one over each knee here is an example of Sting doing a great job at this before I find it so hot to do double OTK and Travis and Rudi are a perfect pairing.

  4. All 3 guys were nice ; but the actor and scenario I enjoyed most was Ariel Varga … found him very sexy and much hotter than usual in this movie .

    1. Hi Jonathan, I have no idea why you came through as anonymous, probably some glitch in the system. At least you came through as yourself this time. I am glad you enjoy the site, andf appreciate your participation

  5. Ariels butt is sooo hot in those THIGHT SKIMPY UNDIES
    I share Rasputins passion for this type of underwear which definitely adds a deliscious flavour to any scenario especially if the guy wearing them has a firm bubble butt . For me very tight pants or undies are often as hot as naked particularly when cloth is being stretched to its maximum .

  6. Thanks Bruce , I enjoy commenting as well as reading others comments . Some comments I enjoy more tham others but what I find very interesting is how everyone is so different in terms of there tastes and expectations .

  7. Personally I thought Ariels looks and performance great. He is always one of the better Sting performers and to see a boy properly bent over touching his toes was a definite bonus. Would love to see him Robin Palmer and Paul Woolf together in school scenes like this one with slipper and cane used.

  8. I have already praised the tight, skimpy briefs that all three models wore in this video. I also liked the fact that all three lads were given fairly lengthy OTK spankings on the seat of their briefs before their underwear was removed. Keep up the good work.

    I do wish that Nat Brown’s spanking on his briefs had been a little bit longer, though. He looked so hot draped over Marco’s lap, with his briefs-covered butt sticking up in the air, getting spanked like a bratty little kid.

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