Kiwi College 14

Back down under and we find the lads at Kiwi College are still prone to the odd bout of misbehaviour. Its usually the seniors of course, filled with boldness due to the impending end of term, and their departure from College.


Smoking in College is still firmly against the rules but two seniors think they can get away with a quick puff between lessons.

Unfortunately for one, Mc Donald (new StingLad Evan Ryker) his captor, Mr Sharpe, is a stickler for this particular college rule and marches young McDonald off to remind him just how he must behave.

This, of course, means the young smoker is going over the knee for a good a Spanking.


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The Spanking is followed by a good session with his gym shoe applied vigorously to McDonald’s bare bottom, as a disciplinary finale.










Introducing Evan Ryker

By Bruce

5 thoughts on “Kiwi College 14 (Part 1 of 2)”
  1. Dear Jonathan and/or Bruce,

    Is it safe to purchase this release via the Hornet site (it is currently 6:33pm Eastern Time USA in New York)? I am seeing messages we are advised to wait until website issues have been resolved. Would love to get your approval just in case. Thank you.

    1. Hi Hisroyalheinie

      I can confirm that it is quite safe to purchase Kiwi College 14 from the Hornet Site. The message you see on the Sting Website relate to that site, where there are currently technical problems. That is why the the latest release is temporarily available via Hornet. is a totally separate site where there are currently no technical issues. You can purchase kiwi collage 14 using the links at the bottom of this posting, which will take you to the Hornet site.


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