Kiwi College 18

Kiwi高中系列 18

A senior lad, Kirby (Andy Easton) waits outside the Headmaster’s door. He’s used to being there, too much in fact and now it seems zero hour has arrived. A really bad report regarding the boys behaviour awaits inspection on the Headmaster’s desk. Kirby has some explaining to do if he can!

一名高年级男孩,KirbyAndy Easton)正在校长室门外等候。他是这里的常客,来的次数也许多得过头了。现在,关键的时刻就要到了。一份关于男孩言行的糟糕报告正摊在校长的桌子上等待被检阅。Kirby需要好好解释他的行为!

Unimpressed the Headmaster feels the lad needs teaching a lesson. He’s good at representing the college in sports, particularly Rugby but he has recently become very disruptive in class and his academic record is appalling. He needs a caning if only to wake him up



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A bare bottom caning too, one that he much deserves.


After that he can go over the knee for a spanking, humiliating for a big 18 year old to be treated like a first former but he’s had one extra chance too many now. Its time for some stinging discipline to take a hand!





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Kiwi高中系列 18

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By Bruce

5 thoughts on “Kiwi College 18”
  1. What a treat this morning to find the delectable Andy Easton having his delicious bottom disciplined.
    He his well and truly caned and spanked by Rich. This was just like seeing the Rich of yesterday year thrashing the likes of Danny, Robbie, Brett and Paul again. Both the caning and spanking were of intense ferocity and Andy took both well. Some of the cane strokes really had weight behind them and when spanked towards the end Andy’s bottom wobbled on impact of Richs strong hand. I liked too the shots of Andy being caned on very tight fitting grey short trousers and then hugging pants. Both showed off well the contours of his bottom.
    How lovely it would be in the New Year to see Andy, Austin and Robin in the same school or Approved School production.
    Any way this download is a real treat. Thanks you Andy, Rich and Sting.

  2. WOW! Andy just looks so young and vulnerable and yet at the same time so very naughty and spankable in that school uniform! He is a big lad to get his bottom smacked, but that’s part of the thrill of watching him getting disciplined, seeing him reduced to the status of a naughty boy by having to bend over to get his backside tanned, particularly when he is laid over the knee! And WHAT a bottom he has to smack, eh?! Especially in those beautifully-fitting grey shorts!

    One thing you can always rely on is that Andy will always have selected from his pants-drawer a pair of coloured underpants rather than dreary white boner-killers and always a good, short, spankably tight pair – he really knows what to wear to flatter the cheeky curves of those pert buttocks of his!

    A superb school corporal punishment scenario done as only Sting know how! And with the chief feature being young Andy’s ubersmackable bottom subjected to the stinging attentions of a whippy, supple cane, how could it fail to thrill and delight?!!

  3. What a great video! It’s so good to see Rich deal with a naughty senior schoolboy who is still in short trousers. Both Rich and Andy are just so convincing, I would love to see more videos featuring them together.

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