Kiwi College 19

One student, Nigel (Jerry Bosak) thinks it would be a good idea to sneak in to the Housemaster’s study and make a slight change, for the better, to his recently taken exam results. All goes well until he is discovered committing the dastardly act by the Housemaster himself. Mr Hardy (Kasper Jensen).

The lads actions are of course unforgivable. To have a senior boy try to cheat in such a way means some severe retribution must take place.


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The penalty in this case had been decided and Mr Hardy will give this would be cheater and good spanking and right down to his bare bottom as well. Never mind his being a senior boy, this time he well deserves it!

While this shorts are down he can bend over the desk and get a dose of the Housemaster’s gym slipper too.

This follow up whacking will let him know in no uncertain terms that its the Housemaster who deals out the marks and how many a boy gets is solely up to him!




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By Bruce

6 thoughts on “Kiwi College 19”
  1. Thank you very much, Bruce. Jerry looks amazing and he should indeed be punished for not studying his English! LOL

    1. You are right HRH, Jerry certainly did deserve a sore bottom for trying to forge his exam papers (not to mention the haircut!!! LOL) and he got one!! More power to Mr. Hardy’s spanking arm!!

  2. Does anyone know the name of the the cheery brown plimsols Kiwi College lads wear… even better where to get them from in NZ?

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