Kiwi College 20

Kiwi College 20

Even senior lads can find themselves guiltily knocking on their Housemasters door. Usually highly trusted, they too can still get themselves in to trouble as did one lad (new StingLad Karl Laska) He decided to use a school book to construct paper aeroplanes from its pages.

Being the Rugby captain too won’t help, he’ll be dealt with as a junior and can expect a good spanking over the knee of his strict Housemaster. This is a first for him, so is going to be just a bit humiliating.


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Especially a bare bottom spanking!

However, if that’s not enough, a good strapping on his game trained bare rear will certainly make its mark. A perfect touch down for a reddened rugby rump.




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4 comments on “Kiwi College 20

  1. Karl is a good-looking lad, and his bottom reddens up nicely when being spanked. However, his response to being spanked is WAY WAY too stoic – I don’t get the impression that he is feeling any pain or humiliation.. More grunting, grimacing, yelling in pain, kicking and squirming on his part is needed. Hopefully he will be more demonstrative in future spanking videos. Also, please have him wear tighter, skimpier briefs in future videos.

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