Kiwi College 24

Kiwi College 24

When Murray (Tim Ptacek) arrives at the office door of the deputy head (James Holt) with a letter from his teacher he soon realises that his bad behaviour will not be tolerated.


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Without any hesitation he is ordered over the chair for a damn hard slippering starting on his shorts and finishing on his perfectly formed but now stinging and burning backside.

But that’s not the end of it as Murray now goes over the knee for a damn good spanking on his already burning butt, this will teach him to behave like an adult from now on.




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5 comments on “Kiwi College 24

  1. A good production in which Tims well developed and smooth bottom was superbly slippered and then well spanked. At the end of the slippering Tim looked quite close to tears which all old fashioned teachers used to like to see. Also t was good to see the heal of the slipper used. More slippering action like this please.

  2. Tim has some great long legs. Good to see James back in action. Can we see more of James and Finn? Be great to see them together soon.

  3. Tim really does have a great pair of legs. Any chance we might see him in the shorter school shorts to really sow them off?

  4. Wonderful! We are overdue for seeing young Tim getting his pert, hairless bottom smacked!

    A superb, highly traditional schoolboy corporal punishment scene, showcasing Tim at his most spankable! As he bent over the chair in the time-honoured and favourable position for being disciplined, memories came flooding back – painful ones!

    I love Tim’s choice of underpants – a super colour, with horizontal stripes, which always bring out the roundness of a boy’s bottom! And just exactly the right length to frame Tim’s bottom for smacking – perfect choice for spankingwear!!

    I am seconding D’s request! As is no doubt not unexpected!

  5. I love how guilty Tim looks when he reports. I also second D’s request. Lovely legs and ideal but for spanking, paddling, caning. We hope to see Tim soon again ( and James on both giving and receiving end)

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