Kiwi College 26

In this story set down under Harding (Luke Geer) has been summoned to the Headmaster’s office as his behaviour of late has become a problem, especially considering his senior position at the college.

It is something that the Headmaster will no longer tolerate and decides that the only way to deal with this troublemaker is with a strict dose of discipline.


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Starting with the cane on his tight grey shorts Harding soon realises that the Headmaster means business and as the shorts are removed the stinging cane really gets to work finishing on his bare backside.

Now with his burning bottom Harding now has to go over the knee for a good spanking, and on those red raised welts it is of course a spanking he will not forget in a hurry and should improve his behaviour for a good while.

Luke Geer stars in Kiwi College 26




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By Bruce

7 thoughts on “Kiwi College 26”
  1. Bruce, for future videos please have the lad put his briefs back on after he has been caned, switched, paddled, etc. The top will then tell the lad that his punishment is not yet over and order him over his lap for the OTK hand spanking on his briefs and on his bare butt.

  2. Kiwi College is a great series and good to see Rich back. Luke Geer is one of my favourite models in the Sting stable and looks incredible especially with the new sharp haircut. Rich takes charge and we are soon treated to Lukes very tight grey underwear which shows off his great butt to perfection. Always a plus to see Luke disciplined over his underwear before the final reveal and OTK.
    I would have liked Luke to keep his socks on and also totally agree with Rasputin that it would be great if Luke had put his underwear back on before the OTK segment. That way we get the best of both worlds.
    Maybe something that could be included in future videos.
    Great addition to Kiwi College. More of the handsome Luke Geer soon.. Thanks Sting and Luke.
    Also the ‘last photo’ – great visual of Luke in his socks.

  3. Always great to see Rich in action! My only complaint would be that cane was featured in 4 last Sting videos. Nothing against that implement but would be nice to have some diversity.

  4. WOW!!! What a thrill to see Richard once again doing what he does so well – administering some strict discipline across the well-rounded bottom of a naughty boy who clearly is sorely in need of it!

    I remember once asking if there are any of the Sting disciplinarians whom the boys are most scared of being punished by and Bruce said that Richard definitely inspired trepidation when it came to caning the lads! And I think this clip truly bears that out! The severity of the thrashing laid on across Luke’s bum is demonstrated by the thick and prominent weals raised by the cane that actually show through the seat of his underpants when the errant youth has to take his shorts down for what for me is always the most boner-making part of any corporal punishment session! I can’t say I’ve seen that (or at least noticed it) before – and bearing in mind that those welts were raised through both Luke’s shorts and boxer-briefs! The boxers themselves are the perfect length for smacking and just the right degree of tightness! And clearly they don’t provide a great deal in the way of protection!

    And what about young Luke, eh?! What a brat! If I were dealing with him, he wouldn’t just be getting his bottom smacked – he’d have his face smacked until every trace of that insolent smirk was well and truly wiped off it! As for coming into the headmaster’s office chewing chewing-gum…WHAAAAT??!! That alone would have got even a senior boy the spanking of his life at my old school! The punishment Richard administers is severe and merciless – as it should be in the face of such loutish, yobbish behaviour!

    I have to say I would definitely concur with Rasputin and Ethan about the possibility of a future occasion where Luke would be required to put his briefs back on before being laid over the knee for the final humiliation of having his very bare and cheeky bottom spanked! It has been done with one or two of the birching clips and works extremely well – as Ethan points out, it gives those of us who enjoy watching a boy being smacked on his underpants and those who love to see a bare-bottom spanking the best of both worlds!

    Luke really suits school uniform and I wonder if we might see a future scenario where he has to put on the short shorts for punishment that young Finn looks so spankable in?

    I’m wondering about the last of the still photos there. Is the portrait one of Luke a ‘before’ or ‘after’? If ‘after’, I’m guessing he’s not finding that chair too comfortable!!!

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