Kiwi College 27

Kiwi College 27

It’s back down under now for Finn Harper, as he is summoned to the headmaster’s office for throwing a cricket ball through the staff room window.

So he needs to learn a hard lesson, starting with the heavy gym slipper, starting on his tight, little, bottom hugging, gray shorts


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And finishing on his bare backside where it certainly left its mark.

But where Finn is concerned, it is now time to go over the headmaster’s knee for a good hand spanking on his freshly slippered, and already very sore, bum

Needless to say, he will be hoping to avoid any more visits to the headmaster’s office for some time to come!




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13 comments on “Kiwi College 27

  1. What a great start to my day seeing the super Finn Harper slippered.

    The shorts are great but one small criticism in being, they would have been better displayed if Finn had been made to touch his toes. This way the shorts would have truly shown what a tremendous bottom he has to discipline.

    It was nice to see Finn wearing the more traditional boys briefs.

    An excellent production and thank you to those concerned.

  2. I hate to sound a negative note and I think I can safely say that I almost never do. However, I have got to say on this occasion that this video just screams ‘MISSED OPPORTUNITY!’ I know that some of us have been begging to see young Finn smacked in a pair of briefs – and at last we’ve seen it happen. But those ill-fitting boner-killers of white Y-fronts???!!! When so many exciting colours and, I have to say, briefer and tighter pairs are available – such as the briefs Finn wore in that fantastic little gallery ‘Finn in pants’ that Sting posted just a little while back. I really am sorry to be saying this, but I do hope that Sting will come up with something a bit sexier at some point.

    Saying that, school corporal punishment scenarios are my absolute favourite and Finn is so spankably suited to them! It was a real thrill to turn on the computer this morning and be instantly turned on myself by the sight of Finn walking into the headmaster’s office in his super short shorts to be disciplined! That part of his punishment was the cat’s ass! My only complaint was about what he was wearing underneath them.

    Still a great start to the day – sorry for the moan!

  3. I honestly can’t get enough of Finn in those shorts. They really are excellent. I think Rich, Marco, James Holt and Ryan Conway have all spanked him in them now, lucky devils. Must be Dominic’s turn next?!

    Have to say, the minute I saw those shorts come down to reveal the white pants by immediate thought was “Dr van S isn’t going to like this..!” 🙂

    This video is excellent overall though – I love some of the expressions on Finn’s face, being shouted at and made to stand up by an increasingly irate Rich! Even the odd cricket pun thrown in…!

    More of Finn in these shorts Sting. Thank you as ever!

  4. Finn is a true star, no doubt about it. On the matter of briefs, coloured underwear is very apt for modern domestic scenarios but I appreciate the authenticity of white briefs in Kiwi College productions. They do not detract from Finn’s performance at all.

  5. Sting are aware that many of their fans have specific tastes with regard to the colour and style of underwear worn by the actors. However, it is not always possible to satisfy everyone in every video. In addition to those who prefer more colourful garments, we do receive requests for traditional white pants. Hence, in fairness, these have to feature from time to time.

    In addition, the Kiwi College series are set in the 1950’s and 1960’s, at which time male underwear was almost exclusively white. therefore, Finn’s pants in this film are more authentic in terms of the period depicted.

    A greater variety of rainbow shades will feature in later releases

  6. I like to see Finn wearing short shorts, but I must agree with Dr. van Spanking regarding the underwear worn by Finn – sort of. I have nothing against white briefs, but they should be tighter and skimpier than the ones Finn is wearing in this video.
    I will wait to see the preview video before I decide to buy it.

  7. I love all of Your stuff, pictures, videos, articles everything! You are my favorite of all!!! Keep sharing with us please!!!

  8. Have to agree with D can’t get enough of Finn in those shorts showcasing his amazing legs. Great facial expressions and being shouted at – all good. An extended gallery feature of Finn in the grey shorts from all angles would be great for a future post.
    In agreement with the Good Doctor Van about the underwear not only the color but fit of Finns briefs were poor. Apart from that great video.
    Nike do a great range of tight fitting briefs – as Finn is a confirmed wearer of tight Nike boxer briefs in some previous videos would be great to see him introduced to Nike briefs or similar.
    More Finn and short shorts soon.

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