Starting a fresh look at ‘down under’ discipline the new Kiwi College series kicks off featuring the more hunky rugby looking types. Known for its strict discipline these lads all attend a no nonsense college and when it comes to dishing out punishments they know what to expect!
 Danny Anderson (New StingLad James Holt) has been caught cheating in exams. 
  It’s suspension from college or a painful meeting with his housemaster Mr Sharpe (Marco) Danny chooses the latter and big lad or not soon finds himself over the knee for a good stinging spanking on his bare bottom.





 If this isn’t humiliating enough he’s now bending over and getting a dose of both the strap and the traditional rattan cane for good measure. His firm rounded backside has turned a scorching red but it seems also that his attention has been rapidly turned to behaving in the future!








Next it’s Harcross (Joey Whyte) who finds himself on the carpet in the Heads study. His ill-chosen rude words to the English Teacher, Miss Harper, have dropped him into very hot water indeed. It’s time for Harcross to face some corrective treatment and it’s Studley, the head boy (New StingLad Luke Ward) who gets the job of laying it on 




Studley is also captain of the rugby team, a giant of a lad who hauls young Harcross up high on his knee for a hot hard spanking that will leave the boys bare buttocks raw.



Next the cane is brought in to play and the lad’s already sore bottom is the unfortunate recipient of it’s cruel bite.




These disciplinary stripes will no doubt assist Harcross in choosing his words more carefully in the future.
The Head boy Studley (Luke Ward) is no angel but he is expected to set a good example to all the other boys under him, particularly the older prefects. 
When he does let the side down the Headmaster takes a very dim view. Recently a supposedly secret session of binge drinking got him in to real trouble. Because he’s one of the oldest and biggest lads the Head does give him some leeway. This time though he’s acted like a junior and he can now expect to be treated like one.


He’s never faced a spanking before but this is what’s going to start the punishment ​off
to be followed by a dose of the strap


The Gym shoe
and finally the cane


As he begins to reluctantly strip off his grey shorts the Headmaster can see that his protruding and very muscular rounded bare bottom makes a good target, in fact an excellent target indeed!Note:
Sting Pictures would like to very much thank a highly supportive customer and friend in New Zealand who went out of his way to supply these authentic uniforms.


By Bruce

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  1. The scene where Big Luke hoists sexy Joey over his knee for a spanking remains one of the hottest things I have ever seen in my life. PHEW!

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