Robin has a new job as an assistant at the local gym. It has to be cleaned early and ready for the trainers to work in. Equipment needs setting out ready to use. However, he is starting to turn up late and the manager (Marco) has had enough.

If this lad wants to keep his job he needs to learn some discipline.

The gym, with its equipment, provides the perfect support for laying on a punishment. Hapless Robin soon finds himself over the managers knee for a spanking.


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Soon after he’ll be getting a stinging whacking from a thick leather belt, this is the perfect time keeper reminder and the Manager certainly knows how to lay it on!






Unlucky Robin, always ends up getting spanked!


By Bruce

10 thoughts on “Late As Always”
  1. I like it. This is how naughty boys get spanked. The belt – perfect implement. And Robin as usually sticks out his bare bum perfectly. Good camera shot at 5:46.

    Bruce, as far as I remember you mentioned that Robin could be paired with another boy. Can we expect a clip with Robin getting spanked together with someone else?

    By the way – I like the last photo. Title: Robin reflects on his fate. 😉

  2. Hi PetChlast

    I am please you like the look of this, it is a very enjoyable video, with great performances by both Robin and Marco.

    I am, sure Robin will be paired with another boy in the near future. However, he has been half of some great pairings in the past, for instance with Paul Wolfe in “No Stars Just Stripes 8”, Jaydee Black in “Discipline USA 2”, David Hines in “Cheeky”, Ryan Conway in “School Daze Detention”, Eric Franke in “Bad lads” and “Bad Lads 2”, Jay Sheen in “Teachers Pests”, Joel Vargas in “Hooligans” and with Axel Green in “Museum 2” and “Bodge and Sharper”

    1. Oh yes. “No Stars Just Stripes 8” and “School Daze Detention” are very good, long videos. And we can see Robin and his partners fully naked, well spanked. That amazing they don’t bother to cover their little mates in those videos. And in “School Daze Detention” finally quick caning scene with Robin is so exciting.

    1. Hi HRH

      Unfortunately David Hines is not available at the moment, but hopefully he will be back at some point in the future

  3. Having not had young Robin around for a week or two, it is great to see him back once more laid over the knee, where he very firmly belongs – and getting a severe and very traditional smacking across his deliciously pert and cheeky bottom. And it is laid on with all the customary intensity and skill that Marco always brings to disciplining naughty boys!

    Those spankably short shorts were overdue an appearance and with those beautifully slappable legs, Robin really suits them! And this is where we come to a major excitement for me, and it is a first for Sting! We normally see these brief shorts worn without any underpants. Not only does Robin have his pants on underneath them, but we found out, when he has to take the shorts off, he is wearing coloured underpants! Not especially unusual for Robin, who is a committed wearer of coloured boxer-briefs, but definitely the first time coloured pants have been worn with these shorts – a boner-making combo if ever there was one!

    The intensity of the spanking and then of the strapping across Robin’s very bare and cheeky bottom evokes a delightfully vocal response from the naughty boy and he manages to end his punishment with such a lovely air of hurt injustice as he rubs his well-smacked bum in clear pain! Well, he gets no sympathy from me! If more young lads were disciplined like this for unpunctuality maybe there’d be less laxness around among them about timekeeping!

  4. I wish we got to see Robin give it as well as get it. A sort of revenge film where he gets to give back to the “stich” who causes him to be punished. Especially if its a bigger boy. Always enjoyed a bit of the David vs Goliath thing – in fact it would be wonderful if Robin wound up giving a caning/paddling/spanking to a bully who spanked etc him!

    1. I guess that is possible, although, we will have to ensure that Robin gets it as well, otherwise we will get complaints!! LOL!!

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