Less of Your Lip

Having to report to the Headmaster (Marco) for a student is always a sobering thought. This time one lad (Enzo Scott) is about to be brought to book with regard to the bad language he’s been using in class. As a senior he should know better!


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The Headmaster is not at all impressed, especially as the teacher concerned was a lady. This boy must be taught a firm lesson and to do that a traditional caning will be laid on.

After the caning, the boy’s already striped bare bottom will receive a good spanking too. If nothing else this will give him something to swear about – or not, which may of course be much more sensible in future.


(NB: For the benefit of non-UK readers, the expression “Less of Your Lip” means Stop the disrespectful language; or don’t be impudent / don’t talk back )

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By Bruce

7 thoughts on “Less of Your Lip”
  1. Fantastic video. Wonderful performances and one of the hottest positions for a proper British caning. Delightful and erotic in every way.

  2. Excellent video. Could you have Enzo strip next time? I know from other sites he has multiple tatoos, perhaps that could be the reason for a nude spanking.

  3. Lol, I was just going to ask if he could keep his trousers on for his bare ass spanking, like he did for his underwear. I guess we all have different tastes. Maybe we could compromise with a post-spanking shower, or having him examine the damage in mirror when he gets back home? [Really liked seeing him straighten his tie up before knocking nervously on the door, btw. Reminded me of Finn waiting nervously for his comeuppance over the porn mag in his locker. It’s these little touches that really make a clip (for me).]

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