Light Fingered – Heavy Handed 2

Light Fingered – Heavy Handed 2

Finn (Finn Harper) is getting ready to go out and meets his friends, however, there is one problem, money! He’s been meaning to get a job, but hanging around and playing video games, chilling with his mates hasn’t advanced that prospect one little bit.

He can always borrow a bob or two from Marco’s wallet, he probably won’t miss it…

Wrong! Marco is as sharp as a knife and quickly cottons on to what’s been happening. Now it’s payback time, and one particular part of Finn’s anatomy will be doing the paying!!


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For Finn’s foolish actions there is only one answer and Marco knows exactly how to deliver the painful consequences.

If the stinging spanking Finn gets on his tender bare bottom isn’t bad enough ……..

then the whipping after, with the swishy, triple action, rattan triad, will certainly make up for it!




Light Fingered – Heavy Handed 2 – in 1080p Extra High Definition

Light Fingered – Heavy Handed 2 – in Standard Definition


An HD version of this video is also available through Sting Raw at Clips4Sale for customers who wish to use an alternative processor.

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16 comments on “Light Fingered – Heavy Handed 2

  1. Bought this immediately. I love Finn Harper. He’s super cute and has the sexiest legs and butt. The perfect, round butt for spanking. I also love when Sting shoot clips with OTK hand spanking before any implements like a belt, cane or birch. I love hand spanking and the marks from implements are a big turn off for me so when the spanking comes first I can just watch that and skip the round with the implements. I know implements are a turn on for a lot of viewers so this kind of clip seems like win/win for everyone. Did I mention how sexy Finn Harper looks over Marco’s knee? 😜

    • I completely disagree I do not like this clip because I want the implement to be used BEFORE the OTK spanking and not AFTER this arrangement ruins my enjoyment of this clip and I don’t know why Sting choose to do it in this order. The OTK scenes are never long enough to accommodate for a severe enough OTK hand spanking to enjoy before the use of an implement having the implement FIRST makes the OTK segments more appealing and intense as the models bottom actually looks sore enough Finn’s bottom barely looked red after his OTK spanking in this clip (and yes it does colour up enough) for me to know this OTK scene won’t be a good enough watch. I’m frustrated at the choices made on-set in this particular clip and this is not a win/win situation for me I also don’t like implements so there would be no enjoyment in the severity of such.

      The arrangements… The action, the story the odd choices put into this clip in regards to the implements don’t work for me and I’m disappointed as a whole. What I don’t understand is why would Finn be caned in this set-up at home? It’s seems very odd and unrealistic that Marco would just have a cane (especially that type of cane) at home it doesn’t make sense and it presents itself as misplaced and bizarre it’s not fitting to the theme. Even though I don’t like implements had a slipper or belt been used even a kitchen spoon it would have made sense for this production. However the biggest downfall for me is the arrangements being BACKWARDS!

  2. This is an excellent production. Black briefs unfortunately do not show up the pronounced contours of Finns great bottom. Apart from this all first class.
    For the first time since his truly memorable rapid fire hand spanking by Marco, Finn looked to be in considerable pain from the 3 rod rattan cane. In particular 2 strokes which looked to hit the tender spot between the buttock cheeks and top of the thighs really had him in difficulty, well done Marco.

  3. I never wait for the preview for a Finn clip and like always, my impatience was rewarded! Great action from Marco and great reactions from Finn. I don’t think I’ve ever heard Finn grunt what I consider to be his signature “m-mm” BEFORE the action has gotten under way, nor have I ever heard him let out a string of curse words like he did when one stroke seemed to land particularly painfully. I absolutely loved it! Great value!
    I would still love to see Finn and Marco do one in Czech, and hope to see Finn put up a bit of resistance to being spanked, or pleading for leniency like he did in Discipline USA 16. He did such a good job in that one, too. Well done, Sting! Well done, Marco! And thank you Finn for continuing to show up to take these punishments!

  4. Great to see Finn getting the opportunity to use his acting skills again! The look of sheer horror that crosses his face when he comes back into the sitting room only to find Marco glowering at him, is priceless (also kudos to Marco for producing said glowering). These little details add so much to a scene for me, although, of course, it’s always wonderful to have Finn back, whatever the circumstances. The triple cane clearly made a deep impression on him, both literally & metaphorically, with Marco’s skillful application. Long may his fortitude keep him returning for more!

    • Thanks Vince, I was also impressed with both Finn and Marco’s acting performances. I am pleased that most commentators enjoyed this video, Finn certainly left with a sore bottom that day!.

  5. So I have just watched the trailer at CLIPS4SALE and I have seen that Finn was SPANEKD on top of his trousers which has now opened up a whole new can of worms. So as I mentioned above about the OTK SCENES not long enough to accommodate a severe enough spanking well it is exactly the same with this. I have said this so many times I tried to explain this previously in such detail it’s a shame Sting have chosen to so this in such a way once again. Stings OTK scenes are not long enough to accommodate for spanking to be administered on the trousers, underwear and bare bottom! I do not want to watch someone SPANKED over their TROUSERS for what short time we do see the models spanked OTK even briefly is still too much because there just isn’t enough time to accommodate that in 2-3 minutes of a spanking scene of the spanking scenes was 5+ minutes then yes but as of the standard it just doesn’t fit right.

    • The fact is Luke you have not bought this video and have not seen it – you are basing your attacks on it on the pictures posted here and a 40 second trailer at Clips4Sale. As a long term follower of Sting, you are entitled to your views, however, those reading your assessment are entitled to know you have not seen the video.

      • As a long-term follower I think I have seen enough content you make a correct assumption and others can think what they like you clearly have s problem with my comment or the facts I have listed because I didn’t enjoy this clip after all this time being a follower I am now “attacking” that’s a faceless insult and no different form someone throwing around the racism card!!

        • With respect Luke, the only issue I have with what you are saying is that you are offering a public critique of a video which you have not seen, and I feel that fact needs to be clear.

          If you wish to continue this discussion, please write to me offline

  6. Thanks Sting for spoiling us with the return of Finn – have to agree with Vince always wonderful to have Finn back. Real sense of excitement with this production. Great visual of Finn in his black underwear over Marcos knee – always appreciate Finns underwear choice and an essential part of the viewing seeing Finn spanked over his underwear before things go up a gear. As has been said the little details add so much

    The ‘triple’ was a good surprise and added a nice twist to the video. Just hope it hasn’t deterred the gorgeous Finn from making further return visits! Hoping Finn will be treating us once more this year…..
    Thanks to Marco and Finn and all at Sting for a first rate production.

    (Must add Finns gorgeous long legs were an added bonus.)

  7. To me the bare ass over knee part is quite long. That is the bit I like as I am a wimp about the cane {and this is three canes) but the whole vid is excellent, I would recommend it to any spanking fan. Marco is the Meistro and Finn is so hot.
    Great job Sting

  8. I actually like the progression of spanking from trousers, underwear and bare as I am sure do many other regular customers. Also, we are treated to the rattan triad which made a nice change.

  9. I would like to add my point of view that I only like otk spanking on a bare bottom, i see no point in spanking on jeans, shorts etc. I do not like any type of implements. I realise that tastes vary and Sting must cater to all tastes. Please can we have some scenarios with only otk hand spanking?

  10. This is a great video and Sting must be congratulated.
    Especial thanks should go to Finn for presenting his wonderful backside for this fairly severe punishment. I hope the severity of this one does not put him off future performances.
    Also thanks to Marco, who as the top has had to measure and control what he gives out.
    Well done Sting.

  11. Good video. I am also a fan of first caning and then spanking, but Finn is so hot and Marco so good a spanker that I enjoyed this. Also good that the cane kissed the lower part of the butt which is unfortunately often missed by caning , strapping or paddling

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